More suggestions in general. Build/Harvest UI, Bear Dens, Combat, upward development

The building placement UI needs an option to (or automatically) hide trees and obstacles that will be removed during construction so you can select your placement more accurately.

We have wolf dens. Where are the bear dens?

How about walls that troops can walk on to get to the location of a breach attempt and stop it rather than sitting on the butts in the tower waiting for the enemy to come to them?

The Harvest UI should have sub-categories for Trees in the form of check boxes for dead, immature, mature. The immature should be unchecked by default.

You can assign the barracks to deploy to a wolf den to destroy it, but why can’t you assign it to send troops to a specific area to patrol that area until they are recalled from the barracks UI? Again, garrisoned guards are lazy 'tards.

Need more levels to build up. Just 4 isn’t enough and with mining and stone resources being in limited supply, you know your village will crumble eventually.

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