More versatility for Blade Arc, please.

Currently Blade Arc is only really good for bleed builds, and nothing else… I wanted to try a Fire/Burn Blade Arc build, but the Physical, Internal Trauma and weapon damage of this skill is insignificant to even bother, plus bleed damage can’t even be converted. :frowning:

So please, do something to make Blade Arc more versatile with other damage types… Maybe buff the weapon damage and adjust the DoTs or something, but please, if you do considerate this suggestion, DON’T make it through skill modifiers on gear, please… I’m tired of having to wait for a specific gear piece to drop, just so that I can finally use a certain skill the way I wanted. :frowning:

Uh, Shar’Zul Worldeater for Fire Blade Arc?

Blade Arc also does substantial Internal Trauma damage, which is Physical and has LOTS of conversion options. Several soldier builds use transmuted BA for a tac nuke…

I was also looking for some Blade Arc build some time ago. Never found anything that would work. My bleedster has 1k physical damage and 2k bleed damage, iirc, and blade Arc’s physical damage hits for around 30+k not counting the 100k bleed ticks (with transmuter, of course). I’d say that, as for now, Bloodrager’s set is the best for Blade Arc build. I doubt you can find anything cool for that skill that would actually work well.

Blade Arc Physical Warborn Witchblade which can easily hit 200k+ per swing and 70k-80k DoT? Two handed with no transmuter i might add.

Sounds sexy. I rather use a shield though. :stuck_out_tongue:

Shield isn’t needed when that character literally only takes like 2k damage from Aleks’s meteor :stuck_out_tongue:

Quick question, can Blade Arc be used as a left-click skill? Can it trigger passive skills?

It’s a skill like Forcewave. It can be set to left click, don’t understand what you mean by triggering passive skills - do you mean Markovian Advantage etc? No.

A lot of items look good on paper for blade arc. For example:
Eldritch gaze is amazing for blade arc, so does howl of the wendigo, and gloves of oleron.

However, how are you going to meld them together into an efficient build? Short of forcing them into place with a lot of weird greens and devotions and stuff (which is still going to result in a very lackluster toon), you can’t really.

At least I can’t see how to from my PoV.

I’m with username on this one.

It is not a default attack replacer so it can’t trigger skills that reads “activates off default attacks”