Mortar Trap Builds?

Are there any good builds using mortar trap as a primary skill, (not necessarily used the most, just used a lot)?

Haven’t really seen any.

Mortar trap + storm totem + wind devil + thermite mine + flashbang makes for a much stronger totem type character than the usual skyshard/shaman build.

Takes alot of + demolitionist skill items though. Especially as you only get two mortar traps at a time at 1 rank overcap, and 3 at a time at 8 ranks overcap

Mortar/StormTotem Build

I have one character who is using this build and it’s rather effective though I haven’t used it against all the content in the game.

For some reason I’m missing 1 skill point which I’ll need to figure out why.

And something like this is the version you can use if you want to incorporate Wind Devil (great for res reduction and another source of passive damage)

This was the original build which I improved upon and binded Meteor Shower to Devastation for a satisfying nuke. Playthrough in the Bastion. - This is a work in progress.

It’s a primal strike 2-handed range with Mortar Trap support.

Just a final point. Mortar Trap is enough to get you through all of Elite. On Ultimate it’s not enough even with 3 of them you will need other abilities for a decent clear speed.

That is why you combine it with Storm Totem and/or Wind Devil. Not the fastest of builds perhaps but it can kill Moose in under 2 minutes.