Most effective/meta way to store all your items?

Hi all,

Just wondering how people are storing all their epics/legendaries nowadays?

Do people still store all their stuff in multiple .gst files?


GD Stash.

It´s awesome.

I use GD stash

there is also a program called item assistant (used for a bit, but not recently, since I use GD stash full time now) but I personally use GD stash, it’s search system is also really good, plus it can tell you (if you have set items) what items you have in that set / or missing from it)

You can use mules, or multiple transfer files, but I like GD stash more, just my opinion.

I prefer Item Assistant specifically because it avoids the duping temptation of Stash. You can take out of it only what you put in, and it doesn’t come preloaded with a bunch of gear.

not sure what you mean by pre loaded with a bunch of gear? I guess its down to personal preference. but you can easy set GD stash to move items instead of copy. While I give IA a go, I just didn’t really like it, and it’s serach options are pretty limited compared to GD stash.

I think he is talking about the crafting system

I created a lot of characters called “zmule (itemslot)” and trade trought crucible