Most fun build style

I want to commit to a build so i’ve been searching the forums and basically my choice came down to either DW melee or DW ranged or VIT caster (cabalist,ritualist etc.). most of them have good beginner/leveling guides but my real concern is not getting bored playing the build.
Dw melee seems fun but maybe its boring because ull just end up shadow striking and using a few skills and just auto attacking
DW ranged seems fun but u only hold right click
Vit caster seems fun but has so many buttons to press and im afraid it might it get tiring but im not sure
so whats ur opinion on the these build styles and what do you find the most fun?

That’s not an easy question for anyone to answer.

It really depends on what you find cool.

If you want to get go toe-to-toe with enemies in good ol’ fashion fisticuffs, then DW melee is probably the best.

If you enjoy fancy fireworks, then DW range is the way to go.

If you control/precision piloting is something you’d like, then piano builds with high mobility will be your best bet

Personally, I love mobile casters because I really enjoy an active playstyle which forces me to think/react constantly to survive situations which could easily one-shot me


Comes down to play style. I would have loved a caster if spells had WPS, because I don’t want to push a lot of buttons. I play this game when I want to just stare blankly at the screen and not think too much. If I want to be engaged I play RPG’s or Strategy games. This game is for keeping one hand on the mouse, one hand on the beer, and snicker gleefully as my delicately crafted build massacres everything in with flashy abilities!

So I prefer builds with no more than 3 active skills, quite a few passives, and some snazzy effects. I’ve been through a few, A frost based nightblade, elemental purifier and some flamy oathkeeper dude. I kinda liked purifier the best for looks but I got tired of standing in the thing with the absorb. Really wish it was a constant effect. So currently, the frost nightblade is killing it :slight_smile:


This is why I still drive manual transmission (and mobile casters). Well, not the one-shot part obviously. :stuck_out_tongue:


What’s life without some risks?

I dunno if you’ve ever read Michael Herr’s Dispatches, but…


I saw you’re commenting on some of my DW builds, so you know my answer. :smile:

I like the mobility, fast&furious style. And Nightblade is THE class for it, although I and Mad Lee have few decent builds without this class too.

Also I enjoy playing few casters, like Vanquisher Templar or my fire Sorceress. So fire or lightning show and few spells. Still I am terrible playing full piano casters with timing like Binder and not fan of channeling spells.

So you should test different play styles and find the one that truly suits you! :slightly_smiling_face:


i know this build is strong and im thinking leaning towards it the most im just afraid of too many buttons in the late game

You should see my other builds :stuck_out_tongue:

Some have 11 active skills

It’s really a matter of keybinding though.

I use - QWER, ASDF, RMB, LMB, spacebar, and my side mouse button

so its manageable u think

I dont mean to troll you but strictly based on what you said here… I think you’re in the wrong game genre… Basically everything you mentioned is boring.

I see why I can’t play these builds. Half of my letter keys aren’t working and I don’t have side mouse buttons. :sweat:

But I have played the Ritualist and it’s not difficult to use.

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How do you even browse the internet without side buttons :worried: Other than painfully of course.

Easy of course, don’t have internet on my laptop. :smile:

But I don’t know how does side buttons helps you anyway, better to not know since I don’t have mouse like this.


No one has mentioned pets until now.

I am disappointed.


Wont’t mention pets until you make a beginner skeleton build :stuck_out_tongue: xd

She’s made two already. :rofl:

Where you been?

Huh, where’s Boo’s info Maya? Listed under beginners in the compendium, but I can’t see any details for it in your Carnival thread.


Guide got too big even with certain parts cut out for a forum post. Had to remove it in its entirety. So the beginner builds section now point to a edited comment. It is in the pdf version though. Will add the GT links to it, ty for reminding me.

EDIT: Realized that the previous build did not have a 26/16 Birb.

Corrected that terrible mistake:



But Maya came to save the day! New victims, I mean followers to the pet cult :yum: