Most Loved/Hated Chars/Factions For you?

I would love to make a poll but it is impossible in this forum due to both limitations and possible combinations thus i wonder which character/faction do you love or hate the most?


#TheAetherWillRiseAgain #RoleplayingMemes


I have a bleeding build and it´s really annoying to fight them.

I have a special hate for three characters ; Lokarr, Mogdrodogen and Korvaak spirit.
I hate aetherials the most.

You’ll learn to love us. Or be assimilated regardless.

hate beasts, just boring imo

love chthonians/aetherials

Think me as Anasteria :wink: Also i love obliterating your so called “nemesis”. I enjoy slicing it’s aether flesh… makes me exhilarated.

Since every biological existance’s aim is to ‘survive’ ‘longer’, to me aetherials and chtons are a threat for my most innate instinct. Thus i have every right to disintegrate them. Every aetherial killed is a compliment to my race.

Love: All except that one that i hate
Hate: Black Legion, Cronley’s Gang

I hate Cronley’s gang…cuz they’re a bunch of pushovers including the leader himself… Fabius is pretty cool though…

I love the Aetherials more than the Chthonians, maybe the expac will turn the tides who knows…

I hate hangman Jarvis from the moment I laid my eyes on him, just please give me an option to hang him so he gets a taste of his own meds:mad:

I hate Zantai for too much trolling but I love this game though.