Mountain Deeps

I’m experiencing a weird occurrence, where trog weapons no longer drop in the Mountain deeps. I’ve run the deeps 5 times in normal difficulty with a character ranging from lvl 30-35 and not one bone cleaver or bone knife has dropped. In the past my inventory was overflowing with them. Did something change in the last patch? Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this. I’m about to try it on elite with a different character and see if it is the same.

I just ran it again in elite at lvl 70 mobs were 70+. Not a single trog dagger, sword, or axe dropped. Several shields did drop. Somethings not right, even with this small sample size. Anyway, I’m off to prep turkey day stuff.

yes, i saw that too, its a very rare drop in the moment.

My Cabalist is lvl79 and he use a lvl35 dagger for the Ravenous Earth skill modifier.

The same to the basilisk medal for the Ravenous Earth skill modifier.

In addition to being very rare at the moment, every one I have seen is a no-affix version. You may need to wait for them to patch it before you have any real chance of getting decent ones.