Mountain valley town

Have you recently visited and noticed the new background art?

Could be related to the expansion.

Looks beautiful

I think for the expension, i thought a new project would be something different than GD, and it looks GD-ish.

Someone mentioned that medierra said he wanted the next project to be different from GD

But for GD it does not really look grim & gritty enough, does it?

Those are some terrifyingly large farm animals. I wonder if they double as siege engines.

Nah, the city is just really small.

Maybe it’s pre-grim dawn artwork that survived…as in a painting from before the grim dawn that has survived, showing how the world used to be…shrug, maybe

It must be GD2… Glorious Dawn!

That’s what I thought, maybe old arkovia in the olden times or DC before it became a prison/city.

I was wondering that as well, with the gate and bridge on the right being the way to Old Arkovia that we repair…and I cannot help but think Hargate’s Isle seeing the boat :smiley:

I think is Cairn before the invasion, maybe one of the god witches will show us the past in the new expansion??

But the only thing I really care about is that it will be my new wallpapper

It’s still pretty early to tell, but maybe there are areas on Cairn that had not been affected by the Grim Dawn?

It would be pretty awesome to be able to visit an actual city for once, though…

EDIT: Maybe it could be this place?

It’s totally away from where the Aetherials/Chthonics are having fun and there a sea nearby, so maybe this area got spared/is protected by some unknown force?

I actually hope this is artwork for the new project. IMO it would be really nice to see Crate work on a game that isn’t Grim/dark/gritty, not that i have an issue with that but, still :slight_smile:

@eralduspr I thought that was a lake, not a sea. Like one of the Great Lakes or something. Never really bothered to read the lore for most of the game so I am probably wrong.

Well, I hope they at least clear up the story in GD before they move on to this new project. :undecided:

Zantai said they wrote “too much lore” for the expansion so im sure things will get clearer. Plus who knows this might not be the only expansion :slight_smile:

That’s good to know.

I was just hoping GD has a bright future. I guess I’m spoiled by MMO’s where lore can be developed for 5 years on.

It took them almost 5 years to release GD, the engine they’re on is already ancient history… I’m not saying i don’t want them to keep going, but realistically, I’m not sure 5 more years is gonna happen.

Well, they’re an indie studio, and that doesn’t really have any bearing on the player experience. Engine troubles didn’t stop WoW. For us, the game has only been out for a year, and the story is just beginning. It’s a bit sad to see the lid being almost immediately closed on it, that’s all. Seems like a waste of a good universe.