Mountain valley town

To be sure, atmosphere resembles Anno series and Banished. However, the game of such a genre is overflowing and we are full.

So, as medierra gave away the answer, I closed the poll. Seems like the majority had the right idea.

I kept thinking they will continue the development of Grim Dawn!!!
Will, the second part of the game!!! Fools if they take right now, for what ever strategy or passageway, they have, no one, will not buy, the result, profit is very, very little will!!! Dear developers, hear people take on the development, the second part (2) Grim Dawn!!! Sincerely, your fan of the game, I am very silno hope you can hear me!!! Still, it is you and the profit was brought in, and a lot of fun, especially the fans!!! You, the people think about their fans!!! Especially those who invested in the project money!!!
I very much I hope that you hear us!!! And make in the future, the second part of the Grim Dawn!!!

They will work on expansions for GD - at least one - and a new game. From about a year ago:

I would like very much to count and see the second part, that is Grim Dawn!!! And Yes, at least two extensions have already confirmed on Grim Dawn!!! Now they are working on the first already, maybe even three, although I would in their place, did the following: would the same extension, and started working on the second part of the game, a sequel to Grim Dawn!!! It would be more correct!!! Moreover, right now they have a staff of workers has increased significantly, and work on a project that would be much faster, not 5 years!!! Still, they have right now will be considered in the company’s very first game, highly paid, and most importantly, they she rose, and made money, big money!!! And they should think really, on the second part of the game!!! The way they where mentioned second part of the game, I don’t remember where, was a long time ago already!!! We very much hope that they will not abandon her and will continue!!!

We do plan to keep working on Grim Dawn. How many expansions we produce just depends on how well the first expansion sells and how well GD itself continues to sell.

There is also a good a chance we’ll do GD2 at some point but, due to the age of the current engine, we either need to undertake some massive update work on it or start from scratch with a licensed engine, which would mean a massive amount of work writing all new gameplay code.

Given that we’re working on an expansion now, might do a second one and I’ve been working on ARPGs for 14 years now, I feel like I could use a bit of break before jumping right into GD2. Imagining exciting new features, systems and a whole new story arc take a lot of energy and passion. I’m happy continuing to work on and oversee content for GD but I feel like I need to recharge before I can give a whole new ARPG my all.

There are other genres of games I love and have always wanted to work on. I’d also like to work on something lower scope next, that requires less building of content and which won’t take too long to finish. I expect to be releasing this new project 12-18 months from now. Then after that, who knows, maybe it will be time for GD2. I won’t know until I get there. One thing I can say though is, I’d be a lot more excited to work on GD2 if we could get to a point where we had a lot more money to throw at it.

Someone mentioned that Banished / Anno town-builders were overcrowded but that looks like a wide open market compared to ARPG. Not only are there a lot of ARPGs coming out recently but players commit to a single one for much longer than games in other genres and it requires a ton of content and features to be competitive - more than almost any other genre of games. Then think about the fact that the ARPG genre has a franchise that is widely seen as “king” and is developed by one of the biggest, most well funded and widely respected companies in the industry. Everything is compared against Diablo and it’s hard to compete with a team that has virtually unlimited resources. Then Grinding Gear has around 5x the people we do and I doubt competing against a free-to-play game has helped our sales. Then there’s Torchlight (although it looks like their next game isn’t an ARPG), Marvel Heroes, Van Helsing, Victor Vran, maybe a TQ expansion or sequel from Nordic, Lineage Eternal (if that ever finishes), Wolcen and too many others to remember. Since the huge sales of D3, everyone and their mom seems to be making an ARPG these days. About the only thing worse would be deciding to make a MOBA.

Even with all that going on, I wouldn’t say it would prevent us from making GD2 but it certainly makes the level of competition in most other genres look a lot less daunting.

A big factor for working on something else though is that I don’t think it is good to keep all our eggs in one basket, as a studio. Our primary goal is to keep the company alive so we can keep being independent and making games. While it’s certainly possible to focus on one franchise and stay alive for a long time doing it, it’s riskier having all your future dependent on the continued success of one game property in one genre. Diversifying the types of games we can make and the IPs we own is a good way for us to better secure out future.

Beyond just branching out to work on other genres, it has always been a goal of mine to be able to work on concurrent projects. Not only do we not want to be pigeon-holed into one genre but I think it’s important for us to be able to work on multiple projects at time. That way, we’re not just counting on the success of a single big release to keep us alive, where if it under-performs, it could take years to course-correct and finish another project (years we likely wouldn’t have). This also helps to increase the efficiency of the studio, as we can shift people around based on the needs of a project at any give time, instead of having lulls at the beginning and end of a single project, where not everyone is needed at full capacity. Another factor is that people get burnt out working on one thing for too many years. When people get burnt out, they leave and look for something new. I feel like we have a great team and I want to keep them engaged with fresh new projects and not solely grinding away on ARPGs for the next 20 years.

Since we would like to keep making content for GD, we’ve brought on some new people for that, to keep up the level of energy and enthusiasm (or new old people in the case of Grava, aka Josh Glavine). We’ll keep making content for GD as long as it’s financially viable. GD2 is a definite possibility but whether / when that happens depends on how things progress in the ARPG genre and internally for us at Crate over the next year or two. We also have some ideas for GD related games that are set in that universe and will share some mechanics but are not quite ARPGs.

You’ll also be hearing about at least one totally new project in the next year though. :wink:


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That sums it up for me. Except, imo this totally over shadows today’s Misadventure :wink:

In case this means you actually are going for this type of game, I wouldn’t mind at all if you guys would have a look of those early Settlers games up to Settlers 4. A modern that type of game would be insta-buy for me personally.

Curiously to see what would be the next project. I really do hope you guys can keep Crate going for many many years. It’s nice to see such passion in a game.

That’s what I’m thinking too… And when I saw the pic linked in the OP it did kinda make me feel it might be an rts type game.

Yah it kinda does. It’s good to see medierra posting a bit more here lately. He’s been kinda scarce for a while now.

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You might want to read medierra’s posts in these old threads to whet your appetite:

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Oh. my. god. It’s happening. It’s Erulan empire building starting from wilderness.

Always praying for success of you guys at Crate.

Thank you for the update medierra and while base building style games aren’t my thing at all (though happy to help testing for such a good team if it’s any help), I can only agree with you regards the swathe of argp’s coming out at the moment and I’d much rather wait until you and the team have the enthusiasm (and money) to make a really good GD2 than slap something together just because… and getting the reputation of a studio that can produce a range of good games can only help in the long run.

It all sounds like a good plan and all my very best for the future. :smiley:

Great update, and thank you medierra for your post.I think you are right doing only one franchise aRPG can be risky for a small studio, even if it’s successfull.
Also if one day you make GD 2, I really hope you will still give players modding abilities, even if using a licensed engine.
It allows to build a long term community with new ideas and content even years after the game is finished (see Titan Quest or Diablo 2 with medianxl).

You would be better, any thoughts here post\put forward their developers, not this shit been discussed!!! for example, they tend to do the second part of the game, more content future expansions, monsters, ETHEREAL, AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, SO did the SECOND PART of the GAME!!! WOULD VOTE ON THE FORUM, I KNEW HOW, I WOULD, BUT I DON’T KNOW WHO WANTS TO HAVE A SEQUEL, DARK DAWN 2!!! I EVEN CAME UP WITH THE NAME, GRIM DAWN:BLACK LEGION!!!

Great post medierra!

These city building RTS get me bored fast, but it’s nice to see Crate working in more projects.

That artwork looks amazing…now I’m hyped for whatever the new project is (unless it turns out to be a mobile game).

I’d actually prefer something more colorful and upbeat / relaxing this time around. The current market is so oversaturated with gloomy edgelord “adult” video games now that they don’t even catch my interest anymore.

It’d be awesome to see Crate give the first-person dungeon crawler genre a shot at some point (a la Legend of Grimrock or Etrian Odyssey). It could work as a Grim Dawn spinoff even, with GD classes returning as player classes.

My post was a half-joke. Half because I honestly had trouble imagining Crate doing anything else than extra-gritty ARPG’s, but I got used to the idea fast :slight_smile:

Since it’s looking like the next game is a city builder of some sorts, “more colorful and upbeat / relaxing” approach would be perfect for it.