Moving characters from ashes into grimmarilion help

cant seem to figure out how to move my toons from regular ashes to the gimmarillion mod ? any help please im sure im missing sumthing simple here

Let’s start with that you need Forgotten Gods for the lastest version of Grimarillion.
1.Loot will pass without problem.
2.Maps and quest are the same - so no problem.
3.Some skills may be changed - best will be if u refund all skills before transffering.
4.Go to save folder,after first launch of Grimarillion it will get own additional folder right there.
5.Copy vanilla save to grimarillion folder.
6.If for example your character was named β€œ123” ,then after choosing custom game -> Grimarillion create character named β€œ123” (same sex and hc or sc)
7.It will transform into your char just after creation.
8.Sometimes it’s buggy and you need to create new char 2 times instead of 1 ,but for me it always works.
Enjoy :slight_smile:

Edit: Few mistakes
Copy main - > user (champs)
Copy formulas,transfer and transmutes from root to mod save folder

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