Moving from hc to sc help

Hello, i’m kinda new to this game, bought it in december and started hc from te beginning as i did in diablo2/3. Bought aom in january, continued hc without problems, ofcourse some chars died but thats the hc life.

Now as a friend of mine started playing also, sc tho and bought crucible, i want to move to sc, as death in crucible is inevitable. So here comes the problem: i found out how i can switch to sc with gddefiler, but i cant seem to transfer the blueprints have already found. I dont use cloudsaving so what i tried was going into my save folder, copied the 3 .gsh files in another map, renamed them .gst and put em back into my save folder. So i start gd go ingame but blacksmith is still at 0 blueprints learned, shared stash is empty also as is the illusionist. Now the illusionist and shared stash i don’t care about, it is the blacksmith that i would like the same as hc. Im not looking for an option to just activate all blueprints, i just want the ones i had on hc so i can continue to play sc with my friend in crucible. Is there something i did wrong with the gsh files? I tried 3 times and nothing came up at the blacksmith.

Thx for any feedback

There’s separate files for hc and sc and they are… *= AoM only.

Transfer.gst - Shared stash
Transfer.gsh - Hardcore shared stash
Formulas.gst - Crafting recipes
Formulas.gsh - Hardcore crafting recipes.
Transmutes.gst - Illusions*
Transmutes.gsh - Hardcore Illusions*

Maybe try renaming the hc extension to the sc… no guarantee as not tried myself