Mule versus lion

Beware of lions … whoa, WHAT???

So, who wants a mule in the expansion? Not as a mount though.

One Bloodthirsty Mule of Bestial Rage plz.

My respect for mules just rose. That is one badass mule.

Mule attacks: hoof, hoof, bite > lion’s: claw, claw, bite!

Yeah, i’d known for a while now that donkeys are bad ass. People like to keep them on their farms, not only because they are hard working animals but because they are strong and ferocious as hell. They can be downright scary when they get pissed and start chasing down predators.

A friend shared this story as we were talking about wolves returning to Germany / Central Europe and people being worried they could eat sheep. But donkeys or special herding dogs can defend them against predators.

That mule is mvp.

Ya. Maybe. If that mule was in Grim Dawn he’d be too OP and Crate would hit 'im with the nerf-mobile.

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