MultiCore Support and Forum Search/Links

Hi all,

first things first, since the “new” forum look i cant open ANY link provided through google and/or directlinks

through the search function i found this topic for my another problem, but i just cant open the link on the second post

MultiCore Bug ( ironically i even cant open this link by my own … )

so looking by myself for a solution is a pain in the ass.

the other isse i have is performance related, espacially with higher monster density, for example in the grimallion mod

my speccs

[email protected]
16GB DDR4-3000 RAM
GTX 1080ti

i found out that i´m hitting the CPU Limit as the game sets one Core at 100% while the others are idling at 2-5%

i already changed the options file located under my games -> grim dawn to

forceSingleProcessorMode = false
maxResourceThreads = 4

but the game still doesn´t use any other cores then CPU0
so what else can i do?
please keep in mind that i´m not able to click on any forum-related links :frowning:
thank you in advance

No, you won’t be able to since the old forum no longer exists. That’s why the links don’t work. You can do is search by either the title of the old thread or by keywords to help you find it.

I think this may be the link from that thread you want

Also see if anything here helps