I got the game right before it was “released” and I was impressed! I thought the graphics were good, game play was good, items were great…etc

so I played for a bit with a buddy of mine whom we’ve played all games together since diablo2.

Well, we both thought the game was awesome at first! Leveling was ok, builds were good and quests weren’t too bad. Then, after we hit about level 40 or 50, I forget, we realized the game seemed empty and lonely.

Now, I realize that not all games have or need a mulitplayer aspect to them, but for us, an arpg does. This game felt awesome, for 1995! It feels empty. Are there any plans to make lobbies, real multiplayer…etc? If not, I guess those who like the offline feel will continue and im not mad about paying for it, I just won’t be playing anymore.

Maybe I’m missing what you’re saying, but there is multiplayer? And there is a lobby?

Ifor you are playing with a friend, t hen you are on the MP.

It is peer to peer, and not a closed server. So, maybe this is why you seem like it is empty. Alot of people are just playing with friends and not as much with random people.

This right here.

Feels like im playing on a LAN. While I like LAN games when I was deployed or when nothing else is an option, I do not like it with my arpgs now. Just feels empty.

There is pretty much the same amount of interaction in solo GD as I had in MP D3 or PoE. Everyone was just running towards the same bosses and left after they were dead, without ever saying a word. I prefer SP over that, at least I can play at my own pace.

If the existing MP is not enough, then I guess you are out of luck. Not sure what other ARPG would then work for you though… seems more like you need an MMO

Currently playing poe and quit d3 little bit ago. Took a break from poe right before GD released and back to it shortly there after.

Diablo 2, not an mmo. Had chat lobbies, public games…etc Some like it, some don’t, but at least it feels as if others are playing. Sadly, I have to stick with poe, marvel heroes, or d3 if it ever gets fixed.