Music on title screen

Hey Crate!

Really enjoying the Veteran changes so far. Though, with where we currently are in GD’s lifetime, it’s got me thinking…

It’d be cool if we could pick from the 3 different title screen music tracks (GD Vanilla, AoM, and FG), and/or set one to play at random. This would just be a cool little way to mix up your first experience with GD each play session as we won’t have any more title screen music tracks since FG is the last expansion. And I miss the old tracks, they were great too!

Thanks for the continuing patches/support. Looking forward to what’s coming next.

You can always buy the soundtracks and play them whenever you want.

That is true, thanks for the link. Though it’d be cool to have them built into the game so they change as required. Maybe a perk for a loyalist pack?