My 5cents for some improvements

Great game! Enough complex to play for hours. Love it.
Having played this type of games for years, I dare to give you some ideas to improve our QoL.
(please note I’m not a native English speaker. Sorry for any mistakes.)

  1. A minimap would help to orient. At least a compass in a corner.
  2. I’d like to have a way to look for a specific building in my village. That could be, for example, clicking on a building in the building menu, then if you press Alt, all the scenery becomes white but that building(s), if I have already put it on the scenery.
  3. When I choose the place to build a new building It would be very useful to highlight the resources managed by that building to help to position it. This is particularly important with mine. E.g.: I choose to build a Gold mine and the gold vein in the scenery is highlighted
  4. I’d like to have a window where all the buildings already built are listed with the option to focus on each one. Some key data should be available for each row, including pre-alerts. If I have built more than one of them (e.g. houses) only the total number will be shown with the cumulated data, but using a key it would be useful to loop each of them in the scenery.
  5. Maybe later a tech tree should be available.
  6. Amount of time and effort to build a crop field is too much. Not realistic.
  7. An alert UI when a new trader comes to our trading post would be very useful.
  8. [added] I’d like to use two monitors, in the second one I could move all the alert/report windows keeping the main monitor for the village.

Thanks for your attention. I have been a developer and I know about the toy box approach, priorities, delivery deadlines, schedules, etc. but I thought that a simple list like that could be useful.

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