My BURNING Question (Forgotten Gods Q)

Hello dear reader.

I would kill to know how the set item re-roll mechanic is going to work, more specifically, will I be able to roll a set helm if I have not yet acquired the blueprint for it?

Some backstory…

I have close to 900 in game hours in this glorious jewel of a game and I am struggling with this hate love hate relationship towards blueprints. I HATE them, as soon ™ as I get one I shit myself but then after what feels like eternal struggle I quickly fall back to hating.

The Harbinger set, oh how I muse upon thee… not because the set is so awesome (it is quite awesome…) but that helm! I love the look!!! And with AoM’s transmog gift all my characters look fucking bad ass! But that helm is the last piece I require for true badassness. And yes Lokar’s helm looks better with the effect and all but I am a bit OCD with the mask of the damned Harbinger.

Quick personal facts:

  • I don’t really like trading
  • I enjoy the game more than the crucible

Thank you for reading my ramblings, I hope someone might be able to answer my question…

If you’d read the GM about it, you’d know already. :smiley: No, you won’t need a blueprint.

“Same Set
As you can surmise, this option allows you to turn a set piece you have into another piece of the same set. While this mechanic is more expensive than the Random Set option, you are guaranteed to get another piece of the exact set you want! RNG gods not favoring your drops and can’t find the blueprint for that set helm? Transmute another set piece into it! Consequently, were you able to find the helm blueprint but had no luck with the rest of the set? Farm up the materials to craft additional helms and Transmute them to the other pieces!”

I feel ashamed, must have missed it due to all the excitement…:rolleyes:

Thank you for replying.