My childhood: C&C lost but not forgotten

a video about the rise and fall of C&C which holds a special place in my memories… sad to hear about the downfall of this genre and game series :frowning:


More like how EA killed the series off. They really messed up big time, they are the reason why this great series fell from grace.

Another franchise ruined by EA. At this point i’m not surprised and now i’m constantly hoping EA doesn’t touch any of my favorite franchises in fear of them ruining those franchises too.

yea its mostly EA’s fault ruining the C&C series, but then again they did create Generals and Tiberium wars

but they totally dropped the ball when they made Tiberium 4 and imo Red alert 3

Let’s hope, but lately EA hasn’t bought any franchise that I am aware off, I hope it stays this way :stuck_out_tongue:

C&C generals, I wasn’t really a fan of, as for C&C 3, not a bad game, or story, but they did mess up on a few details, like turning the Tiberium into a crystal, as for 4, that was a pure letdown. EA did a piss poor job of explaining anything with that game, including Kane.

I heard they’re turning it into an FPS

Horrendous imo

I could still give Bethesda a pass for giving us a somewhat decent Fallout but turning an RTS into a fucking FPS is horrible

It’s bad enough Beamdog is ruining Baldur’s Gate with poorly written Dragonspear but they just couldn’t leave C&C alone could they?

Inb4 Ultima turns into friggin’ Candy Crush

Ultima was already totally destroyed by EA with Ultima 8 and 9. At this point any damage they could do to the franchise would mean nothing.