My few Ideas (More Sandbox)

First of all this game is really awesome. I see great potential in this game. The graphics, the gameplay, the ambience I barely played this game and really enjoyed it so far. I think this game has great potential.
Before i add my opinion and ideas for content i wanna say this game definetly needs a direction it wants to go. Right now there is no purpose other than building a city wich is nice but it needs that little something. It feels incomplete right now. The biggest problem that comes up are the ressources. Obviously right now it is not really possible to permanently maintain a village/city because the ressources are kinda limited. This would work out if this game has a story and some missions or other stuff i have to do wich gives me ressources or wich gives me a reason to finish this village and go for a different city/approach. Or what i personally would prefer make this game more sandbox. Where it has no story but essentialy everything is somewhat infinite or reproduceable/replaceable so i can build my City as big as i can maintain it. (Just like a Sandbox game)

The following are a few ideas i thought about when i played the game regarding my above issue.
I will add more as i go along.

  1. Add buildings that can produce wood and stone
    these mandatory ressources become infinte its more meant for lategame as in the beginning with all the wood/stone around you you might not want to waste ressources and workes to build these but it makes it easier (or just straight up possible) to obtain these ressources in larger quantity later on.
    Also it kinda fixes that in my games they dont really put the wood or stone in the storage they just leave it on the ground and pick it up when needed.
  2. Add more Building freedom.
    I want to develop a small village into a big nice typical medival town. But im no expert in City designing so i would like to plan these things to make it easier. I would really appreciate that when I build I can switch from normal view into a view where I see the building grid further and not just the next 2 blocks. Lets say like 50 blocks from the building. and if possible one mode where I can see the grid and turn of objects like tress so I see better where I place my buildings exactly.
  3. better camera
    right now I can turn my camera in every direction but i cant turn it up or down. Just so I can have for example a birds eye view it would be nice if I can also rotate my camera angle up or down.
  4. Add at least one mountain to the steppes.
    Just a small thing but I wanted to build a city so I went with the normal biome in the beginning but all the terrain was way to uneven so I tried a new run in the steppes but spotted that there are no mountains whatsoever. I know its supposed to be poor on Mountains and ressources like Iron but None makes the game kinda unplayable. At one point I will barely be able to advance my Town.
  5. If possible but not nessecary it would be cool if you later on could add a real Sandbox mode where i can just “cheat” my City i basically have infinite ressources and no problems. Just straight building it.

Im not expecting these things to be added soon and some things may turn out to be stupid or unrealistic but for now these are the things I think are most important to adress to make this game a good game to play in a long term.

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  1. it would be nice to just add a setting when creating a new map - “infinite resources in quarries”
    Accordingly, make quarries with the ability to mine stones, and not just pieces of stones, as it is now

“resource deposits (sand, clay, iron, gold, coal, stone) have infinite resources” would be a nice OPTION. Maybe in fact make it a set of options

“Resource deposits have [0.25x, 0.5x, 1x, 2x, 4x, 10x, infinite]” because micromanaging resources is not the fun part of the game.

Especially if they add a sustainable forestry industry at higher levels - tree plantation, etc

[yes i’m implying add stone quarries]

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The ressources are finite the corresponding buildings are supposed to make them infinite if you dont want them to be infinite dont build the buildings. These buildings should be an option in case people just want to build larger scale cities. And not travel 7 seas to find rocks/trees/clay etc.

what are you talking about? building a clay pit doesn’t make the resource infinite

Ye my idea is that it there is a building that does make it infinite. Its an idea for future content its also mainly about wood/stone/iron as im running out of these ressources most commonly

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