My first Build Idea

Would you guys say that this build is good to play like this?

Or is anything messed up…

Here it is, its a Spellbreaker :

Not really…resists are too low, OA and DA are too low, devotions are…strange. You lack resist reduction. There is not much for you to gain from nightblade if you use TSS as your main attack.

Also some of your gear choices are strange to say at least.

Many things are… bad choices.
You´re going Lightning/Cold with Skyshard, right?

Then why Merciless Repertoire, Blade Spirit?
Devastation and OFF are not a one pointer. Leave Lethal assault to gain some skill points for that. I guess you want to avoid melee combat anyway.

Touch of Everliving Grove? No. Find a decent glove. And cap your resistances!

You have close to no Resistance Reduction.
Max Nights chill.
The devotions are in my opinion horrible. What about Widow, Tempest, Spear of Heavens?
Leave the half Phoenix, harpy, lizard, crane
Consider Amatok or Ulto.

You have neither augments nor components in your equipment and miss out a lot of resistances there.

Okay, thank you guys for the anwser, im just new to the game and wanted to try it myself.

I will look to improve my failures (something like 75%)

And maybe look another builds to see how other people are building.