My first character, am I doing alright or is there things to improve?

Not surprised; the creator didn’t want to update it for Ashes so as far as I know it’s not really been touched much since the base game came out. Way out of date by now since Crate have made so many changes to the game over the years.

Thank you all for your comments, much appreciated ! :+1:

As powbam guessed, I just read about the devotions and the skills, then followed that. When I did a search for commando build, that was the one I thought were easiest to follow, I totally missed the date of the post though until later but then I already used the build for quiet a while so I just been continuing. Although from what I been reading in the forums, it seem to be rather common to rebuild your character once you hit level 94, so probably what I be doing.

Good, at lease I am doing something right then ! :rofl:

I’ll try and search for one, and maybe as you said, there might be someone that have a link handy as well. :+1: … Thank you for the explanation though, was another thing I not been thinking about ! :flushed:

Will do, hopefully things wont be to difficult for me when I move up to next level, although I know I am overleveled for Elite, but I did everything in Normal, well… Have one last quest to finish, was doing it last night but got killed by the end boss so be doing that tomorrow again.

I be doing this when I get to level 94 most likely, considering I am lvl 78 now, unless it is really needed I be waiting with a big respec for my character.

Yup, as mentioned further up I totally missed the date on it when I first found it. I’ll continue with it for now though and then see if I can find a more up to date Commando guide for lvl 94 or thereabouts.

In regards to another guide, if anyone know off hand of a guide that is similar to this, or at least using Cadence and the Assassins Blade constellation, (since would prefer not losing that. It’s at level 21 now so soon maxed out) please fell free to post a link for the build. :beers:

Thanks again for everyone’s insight, very much appreciated ! :+1:

Yup. It finally went completely offline either earlier this year or last year sometime and hasn’t been updated anyway since 2017 when GrimTools calc was released.

If anyone wants to know what GrimCalc looked like etc then you can still see it on Wayback.*/