My list of ideas for Grim Dawn

Hello. Grim Dawn is my favorite ARPG and here i come with some ideas that could be good to improve the game.


I consider myself as a casual player. I play occasionally. I bought game in open beta when second act was introduced (3 years ago?) and from that time i have 3 characters (2 fighting through ultimate [1 of them is 85 lvl] 1 in elite)

And now to the point of my idea. Because i am not experienced with all masteries enough, i often use only a single mastery build or 2 masteries combined, but very slightly.

Having just 1 mastery isnt bad, you can put more points to skills and not to the prerequisite points (those that give you stats like spirit, physique, cunning, life, energy).
But those additional stats are pretty usefull sometimes and 1 mastery character can have bad time not having them when 1 mastery build is completed.

Why not to make posisibility to add prerequisity points indefinetely? Currently, there is maximum 50 i think? What do you think about that?


Maybe i am blind, but i do not see the possibility to cancel bounty. (Sometimes i accept bounty that i want to cancel). Dont you think it would be good to improve this aspect of game?

The bounty window (dialog window) is good, but it would be awesome to have something better. For example, instead of current bounty dialog, there could be real wooden table that pops up in center of your screen when you want to choose some bounty.

In this table you will see all bounties that you can choose from all at once. You will see rewards, difficulty (how dificult or long bounty is) and goal of your bounty.

Wouldnt it be fantastic? In that table you can easily choose what bounty fits your taste (long or short? hard or easy? or reward you need? or opponent you can kill)


Currently voice acted characters ingame are pretty good. I like to listen them. I understand that your resources are very limited but i am very upset that there are only few dialoges voice acted in game.
Another fantastic thing would be to have voiceacted lore boooks you are finding during play.


I know you added variety of improvements to character stats tabs, but i think there could be more improvements for specific skills you can use.

Right know you can see only damage for skills on left and right mouse button but not for other skill on skill bar. For example my ocultist have chaos bolt on skill bar, not on right or left mouse button. I know i can to put mouse over skill in bar to see damage but i think there should be info in character tabs about every skill you can use.

When deciding which item i will use, i must fly from character tabs to bars and hover over it all to know what stats will change.


It would be good to rework skill descriptions. When choosing new skills, it is hard for me to know what to expect from it. Maybe show us some kind of video or animation.


This quality of life improvement would help to players that try to keep their inventory organized. Can you do it so we can change position of added inventory bags? For example to move the bag at position 2 to last position with all items in it?


Like other people even me like new content but do not forget on polishing content that already is in game. I mean some locations could have some love with better design, graphics and with hidden areas (i love them, more = better).

There are some other minor flaws in game. The difficulties (repeating same content 3 times), decisions during playtrough (do i help to this guy or not? will i join them or no?)
I have nothing againts choices, but right now they are not implemented good enough. They interfere with game itself and difficulty (You can make different choices in different difficulties / Isnt it weird when there are 2 players in multiplayer, one has kymons and other has death vigil? / and more …) Do not make unnecesary choice situations.

And there are other areas of game where more polishing would be good. For example skill executing/using and their overall feel. For example occultist’s dreeg evil eye often freeze in air (doesnt explode) when it hits the wall or something that is not hitable. It feels weird.


I do not play pure summoner but i have some characters with summons and summoning seems a bit weird.
Summoned creatures appear quickly almost from nothing. Would not it be good to summon them by short channel casting? When you perform summoning you would see their bodies forming.

Together with that i have another idea to resumoning. When my creature is on low health and i need to resummon it, old copy dies. But it would be nice to use current creature and when resumoning it, it should not be destroyed but healed to full health instead of that (channel effect like when creature is summoned firts)
This idea is for authenticity and immersion but i understand it would be hard to do it this way and it could possibly bring some balance issues to summoner characters.

Other thing is, my summons should be more agresive. They should not be behind me but instead of that they should circle around and trying to protect me from dangers. Maybe it would be good to have some setting for them (currently we can only set them defend, balanced, agressive)

The power of summoned creatures is discutable too. I do not have a pure summoner. I have 2 characters that make use of summon (shaman and ocultist) but both just as a helpfull companion to take some hits and stun some enemies. I do not expect miracles from them. Their tankiness is good. I even started to put a lot of points to them because i wanted them to start killing something but it has not brought the effect unfortunately. If feels like the waste of skill points. I am upset you need to strongly sacrifice your gear and devotion towards summon stats (I have some of those bonuses on gear and in devotion points) if you want your summons to do something and not only be flesh to be killed by monsters.


I apologize for my english. I hope my suggestions are not stupid. Sorry for text wall.

The only thing that I see in there that I would not actively resist is skill descriptions… However, I can’t blame Crate for not having videos or what not, as that isn’t easy to add in game.

The rest, I either see no reason for Crate to add, or I see reasons to never add those options.

Keep in mind that some suggestions have already been made some time ago, and unfortunately they will never happen.

This one was suggested before. I did too. It won’t happen, unfortunately.

Bounty system has to be totally re-done. I’ve made few complaints yesterday, guess what - my posts got deleted.

This one won’t happen, unfortunately, because they actually have to pay people to do this. And guess what, their fanboys are good with this.

I can’t agree with you here, man. You can easily invest a single point in a skill, and use the training dummy at least in order to try it out. There is also YouTube for that. Refunding a skill point isn’t expensive either.

This is not necessary either.

You have forums. So, Alt+Tab during the game, and use Google search.

No need to apologize to anyone.

If you mean “it is difficult to play a build focusing on 1 mastery”, then that is normal: the game has been designed to play 2 masteries. Restricting your build to 1 mastery only will lead you to limits soon or later.

That limits have to be set at some stage.

Nothing prevent you fromt selecting another mastery just for the sake of getting additional attributes/HP/EP.
Nothing pushes you to absolutely have to max your first mastery. There are plenty of options where 2 masteries of level 32 or 40 make decent builds.

Second, additionnal attributes/HP/EP can also be gotten with gear, components and devotions.

I couldn’t agree more.

Bounties per definition are something that you can choose.

This part of the game does need more work at least interface-wise.

I agree, but this is not a priority in my opinion:

First, because implementing a fully detailed interface for all the build abilities is likely going to confuse some players, who will then complain that there is too much information.
And second, you can easily check out the efficiency of your abilities by… just using them. Find some monsters somewhere, use that ability and check how it works. Simple. Grim Dawn features such intertwined effects that I am not sure that any amount of numbers may be able to fully display the real effect of a given ability. When you consider all the different damage types that may apply to an ability, the damage over time, the area of effects, the freeze/slow/stun/knockdown/confuse effects, and all the %chance on attack/critical hits etc bound to that attack, it just sounds much simplier for everybody to just use it instead of asking for more and more info.

What I however would like here, is to know when the flat damages that one can get on some items and devotions are really added to the attacks and when they are not. Same with the DOT bonuses etc as I am sometimes under the impression that those features are not always applied in game. It may be just me though.

I agree. The problem with games like Grim Dawn is that you need to play it at least 50-100 hours before to really understand what all your options and your limits are about.

The best option here would be to feature a test arena with a dummy character with level 30 and some monsters in some corners, so a new player could select a given mastery and some abilities and see how they work ingame. A level 30 sounds enough to max a mastery and a couple of abilities.

There are some topics here that are heresy, and you should learn them if you want to be able to post comments without being reminded by trolls. The difficulty is one of them.

Couldn’t agree more, but what one would call elsewhere logic, common sense or realism turns out to be no priority here.

Everything appears out of nothing: the rifles fire bullets that never need to be reloaded, some spells feature grenades or meteors that come out of thin air, and the creatures that come with you also appear out of thin air. The game is as much into arcade and fantasy as it is with reality. If you want the summonings to be formed, someone else will ask the firearms to be reloaded, someone else will then ask the abilities like grenado or mortar to require an actual dedicated item required in main hand to enable those abilities, and this could go on and on, up to the point where most players will then complain that it is too complicated and boring.

That’s the problem. Up to what point is realism required and from what point onwards is it going to hamper the gameplay?

And when you set them to aggressive, they are aggressive and no longer stay next to you when there is something to attack around.

I have played various tanks, troopers, glass casters etc, and my pure summoner is the most powerful out of all of them. Playing a summoner is very different from playing other builds, but if you do it right, I can tell you that you are under the impression that the game has not really been designed for this so much your army actually wreck everything.

As long as you manage to stay alive and manage them, that is.