My Non class returns to finish AoM Ultimate

I should say first there will be spoilers of AoM

Before I’d been focused on a hit and run bleed build, using a nemesis pet (from relic). It worked out and I was able to finish the regular game, albeit slowly.

Then I thought it might be even better to go with pets and use items/constellations to boost them. It seems to have worked out so far.

Here is my build:

Any suggestions how to improve my pet build without classes would be welcome.

I’m not able to show all the consumables I use, which is pretty much every 450 and 900 second duration, plus I use Stonheart Oil and Aetherward Oil for their blocking and Aether Clusters in an emergency.

There seem to be 9 required fights, the rest of AoM can be run past.

  1. Kill Carraxus for its heart
  2. Kill Ekket’Zul
  3. Clear the outskirts rift gate
  4. Kill the gate keeper
  5. Clear the steelcap rift gate
  6. Kill Krieg
  7. Kill Hagalvar
  8. Kill Rodalgar
  9. Final boss

I don’t think there are any other required fights, do you?

I’m about to do object 5. #2 took a long time, but was before I switched to a full pet build.

To finish AoM without classes has been one of my 2 goals for some time. My other goal is to kill ravager on ultimate without copying how others have done it.

Maybe I’ll try hardcore without classes and see how far I can go. I’ve already done it using classes with a death knight and got all the accomplishments.

EDIT: I got to the boss and this build worked beautifully up to him, but doesn’t seem to work for him. He spams enemies, more than my 2 pets can keep up with. Despite trying to direct them with pet attack ‘button’, they keep attacking his minions. I’ll have to rethink how to crack this boss. Maybe go back to the build I beat the regular game’s final boss with, that one also spammed enemies.