My Observations on the game

I really loved this game, but I have a few, observations:

This game is totally unbalanced, how can I have all this harvest and last 4 months??? A year of cows, cheeses, dead meat… that’s what’s zeroing out my stocks as if they were spoiled, items that were meant to last for years.

A worrying thing, as for the levels above, even with 10 underground warehouses, I can’t preserve food.

The wagon driver should not be picking fruit trees. What he was supposed to do was deliver and balance the stocks between the warehouses. And placing a class formerly of class four, to supply only the fields and workhouses. PS: That he should do, directly from the stocks, not picking things up on the way, that should be workers.

As for the rat catcher: he should stay in the hut and not go home, because, at least in my games, rats appear all the time. The rat hut, hunting and gathering, I honestly think it should be two people.

Where are the horses, chickens and pigs?

I don’t know why there’s a clock on the steeple, so they should have firearms!!! If it was a sundial, ok!!!

This new addition with infinite mines, and the earthwork that you spend years on and it’s no use!!! You send earthworks and even then, you can’t place the mining.

A road appeared on my map towards the big hill, it is not possible to edit or cross it with other constructions. Besides, now appearing in the middle of my industrial sector.


Managing spoilage is part of the game’s design, and a moderately realistic reflection of medieval agriculture. Looking at your screen shot, I think you may be over-producing and concluding that spoilage is the problem. That’s a lot of food even for a pop of 1,000. If you click on the information in your town hall, does it say that people lack food?

Villagers will leave their job to stock their shelter or gather food if their house doesn’t have food, that might be why the wagon driver stopped to pick fruit. Based on how much food your town makes, it seems like the food isn’t moving. It needs to leave the storage at the production site, then to storage (or a preserving site), then to the grocer, then to the houses. If that’s not happening the villagers will just go get food themselves. If your storages are filling up, look to see if there’s one thing taking up all the space. For example it’s really easy to over-produce certain goods like honey or herbs; you can try limiting which root cellars and storehouses can hold them as a way of preventing the surplus from taking over every storage building.

Since the 0.8 update, rat catchers also have a larger work area, but they still have to travel between buildings. I have found in dense town centers, I need some overlap of their work areas to get the job done, and it helps their efficiency if the building is close to the work area.