MY opinion about expansion so far.


Many places to explore
More items
More Classes
Interesting Story
Hidden Places
Great Challenge


Pets should have HP bar like in Titan Quest:(. I have problem to see when my pet is close to death…
Necromancer’s skeletons(the range type) most of time you need to get close enough to start attacking while the melee skeletons are attaking more often.Fix Ranged Skeletons on auto attacking.

I’m very pleased so far and i will keep update my review.^^Thanks Crate and i hope to solve this <3
I would like some reply from Crate developers as well.

Totally like your Game! For me by far the best ARPG ever. Fun starting by min 1! :slight_smile:

Pets do have an HP bar, displayed on the left side of the screen.

I’m guessing Skeletons don’t because you can summon more than one of them. I believe this has been the case for all such minions.