My small review + idea

Been waiting for this expansion since the moment ive heard about it… which was no more than a month ago…

Bought instantly with personal though it will be good. But damn I didnt expected it would be this good! Its perfect. Damn perfect so many things…

Made super cool looking character at lvl 20…
casting skeletons 3 at the time is brilliant.
skeletons doesnt require any corpse - amazing too
the golem is actually very nicely done! I love animations.
This game is gonna be in my forever play library. Its time for diablo2 to move into a coffin and this game to stay on top.

Im unsure on what makes skeletons to be 3 types but those “black knight” types look too cool!

Im still enjoying every optional quest and no rushing, because good things shouldnt be rushed, so cant comment on the new content.

and the idea:
I know it would be too much to ask lol… but…
I just had an idea to… fucking outfit my skeleton army too! You know, change their crossbow, helmets, robes etc… change only appearance.

Is this even possible?

For cool ideas for skeletons and undead minions please take a look at the structure utilized for the Bonedancer Class from Dark Age of Camelot. You can pick battle formations, choose the makeup of the undead army (you are allowed so many points, more powerful minions cost more points etc.) Allowed the player to set up Tank, Ranged and healer undead minions. This could easily be done as an added skill in GD.

F-bomb caught me by surprise, which is no easy task. Congrats for that, sir.

As for your question… Possible? Maybe. Will it ever happen? Fucking nope.

Finally finished the expansion campaign. It was a blast.

Whole expansion is quite good… I like the swamps and the malmouth city is quite nicely done. A shame its very narrow in many areas and the summoner cant just have a decent walk without going through lots of coridors(houses)…

Some massive fights were in the city with 10minions vs at least 30 enemies in a spot. <- very nice for a summoner. I wish there were more of that, but there isnt :expressionless:

Ofc the performance takes a hit but its fine. Its better than fighting 4 mob groups at the time over and over. And those massive fights were all we need.

After some though I noticed the whole game is 80% made of narrow corridors/houses/entrances and the summoner almost nowhere will feel fine.

Almost all grim dawn is made of 4-5 mob groups scattered everywhere, except in malmouth where there I think 5 areas, where I fought vs 30-40 mobs at once. That was marvelous!

overall its a solid expansion! I just wish the expansion didnt had those few insane fights vs lots of mobs. Those kept me wanting for more…

For the future: I wish there would be a stop to narrowness…and more 30-50 mobs in one spot to fight. That felt epic! And we need wide areas like titan quest had! Diablo 2 was also with almost nothing BUT wide areas. Grim Dawn sadly is the opposite!

In D2, titan quest you can kite mobs (because of super wide areas) and then have ONE massive fight. In Grim dawn there is not such kiting because its coridors style.