My Soldier is Doomed! 2-Hander Disappointment..

The only class that really appeals to me is my 2-H Warder and I was playing him quite enthusiastically until I had the sudden and horrific realization that the end-game weapon I had been searching for, does not even exist.

I was beginning to wonder why there were no good 2-H drops, so I googled the list of all end-game 2-H weapons. Not being able to find a single weapon that I would be even remotely content with, I’m left feeling pretty confused and devastated.

Though I have only just scratched the surface of legendary’s, I have already looted some amazing weapons and items for my Arcanist, Demolitionist, Occultist, where the stats are quite applicable and even quite potent.

But now, I can’t even muster the enthusiasm to play the game at all. I get the feeling that the loot-table has a certain bias to whoever created them.

What kind of build were you going for?

My intention was to make a frenzied lift-stealer, with thoughts of experimenting further more into Shaman or even a bleed build once I have all points.

Works well with the mid-level gear and weapons, as they have stats supportive to it, but once you tap into Legendary’s and Infrequent’s, it’s just a hosh-posh of stats catering more for hybrid builds.

Ideally, I’d want attack speed, life-steal and some pluses to Cadence, Blitz, Blindside, Forcewave. I wouldn’t argue with + Trauma/Bleed either.

Post a link on the calculator so i can get a better picture. Might be able to help.

You mean something like this?

Guillotine are perfect choice for 2h bleed warder.

Wildblood Vanguard set are perfect choice for 2h warder based on vitality (vitality and lifesteal are very often neighbors in this game).

You make a problem from scratch.

If you’re making a bleed warder using savagery and/or blade arc, then that is pretty much BiS.


Yeah I saw that one. No attack speed, low life-steal percentage and nothing to synergize with Soldier’s massive emphasis on trauma and assumes bleed build.

Also it’s lvl 50.

Unlike other class weapons, none offer decent pluses in core skills. I have Arcanist weapons that do everything I need +3 in both core skills with perfect damage modifiers. Nothing like that for my Poor soldier.

I hope they show 2-H weapon more love in the expansion. :undecided:

Thanks, but Bleeder is just an afterthought at this point.

The level of the items mean absolutely nothing in terms of quality. Some level 75 items are outright worse than lower level items.

Items don’t have much lifesteal and Guillotine lifesteal is the most common number. The highest i’ve seen is maybe 15% and that’s very rare.

for any mellee build double lifestealer signet + wendigo totems does wonders in ultimate.

While that may be true, items typically scale up in overall damage/utility with levels.

For instance, you won’t find a lvl 1-40 weapon that has an average item dps over the 50-75 lvl weapons.

If I swapped to the Guillotine I’d actually lose a lot of DPS over a lvl 58 epic. Not to mention it does very little for my build. Very underwhelming stuff.

I would not rely on the DPS number in the character page screen as a measure of how strong your character is. Most of the time (heck, i would say all of the time) it’s very misleading and and a complete misrepresentation of your actual DPS.

It’s true for items below level 50 but for above level 50, the damage scaling between weapons is very minor and almost unnoticeable. An example would be my Forcewave Commando with Stonefist Rebuke and Leviathan, the first is 50 and the second 75 and yet they do nearly the same damage.

You can always try and craft a good endgame weapon.

True, but there is no denying that you can achieve much better damage with skills like Blitz, Forcewave, Cadence with higher item damage since they all scale off of Main-hand damage.

Take the Guillotine, I drop 30% damage on all my core skills from the weapon damage alone. If you were a Bleeder, only then would you factor in those other modifiers. Since I have very little invested in Bleed, I won’t get the return to offset that loss.

Take the Boneshard Lacerator , which is mediocre in it’s own right. It has almost twice the weapon damage, it has + attack speed + 3 into my core shaman skill, life-steal and bleed on top of this- making the Guillotine a vendor item for me.

Headache - Legendary 2-H Mace

287-589 damage

110% Physical
10% chance of 800% trauma with 20% longer duration
24% attack speed
12% life steal

  • 3 Cadence
  • 3 Blitz

Bellowing Roar:
Let out a deafening Roar that temporarily shatters the minds of your enemies, disabling them briefly.
2-4 second duration
58 second skill recharge
Each critical strike reduces cooldown by 2 seconds

Now that is roughly the type of legendary item I was expecting to see end-game.

It won’t have the +skills you want/need but i’de take a look at the Troll Bonecrusher MI and try for affixes like Frenzied, of Fury, Tyrant’s, etc. for a big Physical beatstick.

You won’t get any good skill bonuses out of it but there are plenty of gear pieces that give either + to all skills, + to Soldier or + to Cadence (which i’m assuming is your main damage dealer) that you should be able to cap or almost cap it out.

Edit: Forgot to mention but it’s also easy to “farm” unlike some other MIs as it appears frequently in Benevald’s store in the Blood Grove. It’s a bit tedious as it’s a short trip so i’de put on a movie, stream, music etc. while i’m doing it.

Glorgmakk, I agree with you that most legendary two-handers are designed for hybrid builds, but you could always stick to Epics or, like Evil_Baka suggested, MIs.

I think the best option for you would be mass crafting. If you are above level 75, then you will get only level 75 weapons (great base damage) and you could roll the perfect combination of affixes for what you want: Bloodthirsty two-hander of Voracity. You could easily get +30% attack speed and 15% Attack Damage Converted to Health with both affixes.

Sounds like you’re just mad that there isn’t a level-capped item that gives you 110% of everything you want with 0% of anything else. If you need that, the only way you’ll ever be happy is with heavy use of mods. I suggest you get over yourself, use what’s available, and make do with only being absurdly powerful instead of broken to the point of trivializing the entire game. Failing that, start making your own gear mods and give yourself all the busted ass gear you want. Either way, the problem isn’t the game, it’s with you.

My physical 2h Cadence Warder did pretty well with a Stonefist Rebuke. I didn’t care about lack of lifesteal on it. It’s easy to get it from other sources like rings, devotion and shaman skill line itself (mod on Wendigo Totem scales quite quick to 12% and active almost all the fights).

Weapon isnt really a problem for physical build, any “Vampiric … of Alacrity” will do well. The problem is that Cadence is more suited for 1-handers. For 2-handers, why dont use Focewave instead, that is well-supported by some gear? Or Savagery…
Another problem that after “Vampiric … of Alacrity” (that can be easily got from vendor), you wont get any noticeable upgrade. Yes, you can get “Vampiric … of Voracity”, but it wont feel like major upgrade. You can get MI base, but for Cadence, there is no good MI.