My thoughts on Grim Dawn, and what´s the future of GD?

GD2,might be delivered from the hands of Zantai’s children some day :thinking:

Grim Dawn 2: 800 Reasons Why Components Are For Cheaters

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Personally i think of grim dawn as a very different route to that of diablo 2 just like titan quest was a very different rpg. I like the lore of angels and demons. But tbh i was also a bit done with it after diablo 2. Diablo 3 just did a terrible job on the story. The gameplay engame in diablo 3 the hp is just buffed up and damage beefed of monsters which imo truly makes for some boring assed gameplay. mutators like in grim dawn are better though i think could be tweaked a little. Storrywise i think grim dawn is just great. I think the factions are original and the lore is interesting plus it has some humor. Thats just comparing to diablo 2. I also like the mechanics of the game but i must admit that diablo 2 was a bit more crazy with the speed boosts and what not. Grim dawn just puts things in that help a little but arent completely op imo. I think some combinations in diablo 2 are just nuts and i cant really follow whats going on half of the time. In conclusion id say that diablo 2 is the turbo version of arpg and grim dawn is llike normal speed. Its apperent in the skills and items and caps to certain statts that it is ment to be played a certain way. In diablo 2 these boundries are quite a bit further.

Zantai must be moved to tears reading this… no better compliment. :rofl:

Small things I would like to add to the discussion.

So in the best case we will have new story/lore content in several years. It suc*s but I guess it´s the right thing to do. I think the basic premise of all those indie games without big budget that eventually become masterpieces on its own is passion of team doing them. If team Crate feels burn about making another arpg right now, then I guess the decision of no making for now GD2 is good for them and for the franchise.

Also, I don´t think GD appeal to the exact same consumer as Diablo or PoE. Like I said, as exclusively single player gamer I loved Diablo 2 above all because grim story-lore-universe. Gameplay/build need to be satisfactory, but just that. Im not looking into manual how to make more powerful character. Im not playing 20 different builds. Im just having fun making character just like I feel. Im not saying its not important to me, simplistic character development was second reason I hate Diablo 3. But there are other things. Well, so there are no much game that appeal to my tastes in market, GD and that´s that. Diablo 3 is simplistic cartoon multiplayer oriented, PoE is even more multiplayer oriented. Those game not appeal to me at all. GD just covers niche within genre other games don´t. I don´t now if within comunity of arpg people like I we are enough to make those game profitable, but here we are. I love GD but I can´t stand 2 hours in Diablo 3 without sleeping.

Having more than one IP seems safer strategy too, hovewer having too much IP is worse I think. Because if no new content is added, the comunity of franchise isn´t growing passing years, opposite, is dying. If we suppose making game take 2-4 years, I just no see Crate having more that 2 alive IP at the same time.

This. I think that there are many people that come from PoE and D3 who have trouble grasping the concept that GD actually does fill in a niche in this particular market that neither of the other 2 do and not every game needs to do what other games are doing.

All comments from Crate upon these forums indicate it is profitable enough. The base game alone has sold over 2 million copies. If you do the math you can get a pretty rough idea that it’s proved to be profitable for Crate. They’ve managed to find a niche that GD fits into quite nicely and they’ve shown that there is a market for people who don’t need a game to be always online.

Multiplayer and always online might be “all the rage” these days but there is still a sizable group of people out there who prefer a game that can be taken offline.

Yeah, Medierra seems happy enough with how they’re doing. This from back in November last year.

Wonder if Blizzard will goof up for a 3rd time during the next Blizzcon and provide another boost to GD sales. :laughing:

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Yup that’s definitely one of my favorite medierra quotes, by far. He scores big points from me for sticking to his guns and not being driven by greed with the decisions he’s making.

That’s actually a good question lol. At this point I can only imagine that Blizzard is paranoid as fuck over how next Blizzcon is going to go for them. They are now confirmed to be working on D4 and frankly I fully expect them to make it the centerpiece of the coming Blizzcon. Doing anything less at this point would be folly for them.

At this point nothing matter. Blizzard is sooo big, have sooo much cash, have sooo strong brand, that they during Blizzcon can literally get out and sit on stage, and still the company will make a wagons full of cash. It´s like MC´Donald, sitty food, but everyone eat there.

Beside, Blizzard is no more Blizzard from Diablo 2. For years. Other priorites, they search for other type of consumer. People freak out year ago with Diablo Immortal, but why? Mobile gaming is huge market, especially in casual players and in Asian markets… isn’t this what Blizzard has been in for years already? It´s a natural evolution that started in 2004 with WoW.

I don’t know how there can still be people waiting for Diablo 4 thinking about Diablo 2. This is not going to happen. You want old-Diablo experience, Grim Dawn. There are no more. Jesus, Grim Dawn have 1000x more diablish feeling, that Diablo 3.

The “why” is easy enough and actually isn’t solely about Blizzard making a mobile game. They freaked out because it was Blizzcon and the vast majority of hardcore Blizzard fans that attend Blizzcon are PC gamers and they fully expect to be witnessing reveals that pertain to PC gaming. They pay alot of money to attend these events and when you find out that the “big reveal” is a mobile game, well, how else do you think people are going to react? :wink:

With this knowledge it is easy to understand the “why”. Making a mobile game is one thing, most people even don’t care all that much if they make a mobile game. What they care about is that Blizzard thought it would be a good idea to make it the “big reveal”, the centerpiece if you will, of the whole event. And that is where they fucked up - leaving these people feeling that they had just gotten, essentially, ripped off for all the money they just spent to attend. For a chintzy mobile game most of these people could give a rat’s ass about.

The fact that they also were being driven to break into the Chinese market AND sub-contracted a Chinese 3rd party mobile developer that had nothing to do with Blizzard or Diablo also compounded matters and made this reveal worse.

Overall, Blizzard ended up handling the whole thing poorly at every step and left people convinced that they were out-of-touch with their playerbase. If Blizzard wanted to capture the Chinese market then they probably should have just revealed it primarily to the Chinese market - they should have understood that the Western market was not the right place at this time (and at Blizzcon no less). As an American I can think of noone I know that ever gets excited about a mobile game. Even my young son could care less about mobile games.


Well, I get what you saying, just for me that was no big surprise. Thats how I felt when realized than Blizzard kick out me from his consumer target, when turned grim dark mature Sanctuary Universe into sunday Cartoon Network experience plus with heavy multiplayer oriented. It just that, Blizzard went were the money was. Casual, younger.

So, until Blizzard will get ton of cash from PC comunity, PC gamers can sleep calm. The day when Blizz start to get more from mobile gaming, no matter how laud people will be screaming, the answer will be " Don’t you guys have phones".

Yeah, I´m a bit salty about them, I realize that, just they ruin one of my favorite franchise of all time, you have to understand me :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, they aren’t getting a single penny from me anymore. They repeatedly destroyed the Diablo franchise to the point that I decided to never buy anything from them in the future. Immortal my @$$! “Don’t you guys have cellphones?” They asked…
“Don’t you guys have brains??” Should have been our response.