My troubled relationship with crucible (few questions inside)

I play the game since before lvl cap was 40 and always loved every single part of it, i bought crucible on day 1 (i don’t regret crate deserved that anyway) and tried to put some effort to make it enjoyable to me.

I think i find it somewhat boring, personal taste probably, anyway i’m a man who gives second chances so i have few questons for you crucible guys :

  1. what is the typical crucible farming scheme? (diff+waves)? I guess gladiator from x to y where x and y are?
  2. which are the most commonly used/effective buffs/pillars?
  3. i did read somewhere -can’t remember- that once you unlock a difficulty in crucible with one character will unlock for every other character you have, well this isn’t happening to me. Is that true?
  4. any personal hint outside 1,2 and 3?

Have a nice day.

  1. If you don’t have all your BIS gear for your build, farming Challenger for that gear reduces risk of dying. You get~3-4 legendaries at 150. Reset for wave 130 a couble of times. It’s 5 tribute then 15. You get to keep your towr(s) when you reset like that, and your divine upgrades (or whatever thay are called, amatok etc.)

  2. Vanguard and stone Wall seem to be most used. I only use those personally. Vanguard is great for builds that can really hold their own like shield builds. They can do without Stone weall. Some squyshy builds might simply need both of them, like blademasters or spellbreakers. You might be able to do without them but it’s very risky and a tedious experience with a squishy character. For melee empyrion and amatok. Casters usually like empyrion+Ulzuin. Whatever you play empyrion will help a lot.

  3. This is done via Tokens that you can buy in Gladiator after completing it. You put them in your transfer stash and have another charecter use it like a consumable.

  4. Speaking of consumables. An all purpose consumable that can help any build is Royal Jelly Essence. Cheap ton make and +10% health. What’s not to like?

Oher helpful consumables are the ones that fight debuffs, Especially from Anasteria and Shar’zul. Overcap your Fire resist via equippment or a Flamedrinker ointment, it works vs Shar’zul even though it’s not shown in your character screen after he debuffs you. Same for Anasteria. You can drink a Spiritbane ointment when you fight her (especially the secondd time) or quickly switch to a Warding ring or Screams of the aether. If you are melee you can group her with other bosses like abomination so you can life steal as you fight her. She is immune to life steal.

Stormshroud wil also help vs Valdaran.

This i all I can think of for now

Ty Superfluff That’s the kind of answer i needed.

  1. gear is not a problem so i guess what you said can be used in gladiator too, btw what the average legendary gain from 130>150 gladiator?

For me personally, enemies killing me with their attacks isn’t usually a problem. When a boss like Shar’Zul or Anasteria comes in, I just kite them, relying on defensive procs to let me bust them down before running away until abilities are off cooldown. What gets me 90% of the time in Crucible is DoTs stacking up, or CC immobilizing/stunning/freezing me when I really need to be on the move. So the buff that reduces CC and DoTs can be the difference between winning and dying.

3-5 for me. Usually not less than 3. I do count blueprints as legendary drops, as there are so few that I do not have.

i see ty :smiley:

My last Glad 150 clear dropped 8 legendaries, and i’ve gotten 5 a couple of times from Challenger. Always with extra spawn though.

In Gladiator I got 9 legendary with extra spawn option. In Challenger I think the max I got was 5. But 3 -4 is more realistic in challenger

I think i find it somewhat boring

Yes, mate, crucible is boring and monotonous as hell, but unfortunately it is the best way for farming legendary items. Nemesis and BoC/SoT now are just a waste of time.

personal taste probably

No, none of my GD friends actually play it.

Oh, and btw it is super laggy in party. You have to lower almost every graphic setups to play it fairly normal.

well i have many hours under my belt so i have lot of items in my storage even if i don’t play crucible.

I’m going off topic here but i really hope Crate will offer an endgame alternative to crucible. Maybe i’m beating a dead horse but i would love some kind of randomized dungeons, maybe on more levels, with final boss and mini bosses.

I’m giving cruci another shot but i still find it unfun if i have to be 100% honest.