Mysterious uptick in sales since Nov 2nd...

Right over your head. adoomgod you were actually chatting in the dev stream on Friday when Blizzcon starting was mentioned. How could you not make the connection? :smiley:

Thanks for posting that Medierra. And nice to know you’re not buried in the new town builder game’s graveyard. :wink:

Argh… I’ve been ‘patiently’ waiting for more news on all that medea. I’m actually pretty hyped for it and can’t wait to hear more. Will be interesting indeed to see what they can do outside of the diablo-sphere.

Cue in Grim Dawn Immortal announcement here

jk :wink:

Latest info was in the 5th October stream:

"kobrao :hows new project going @Medierra
Medierra :I think we’re getting close to being able to show more / announce the new game but we don’t have a website / marketing art or anything else set up… so much peripheral stuff you have to do beyond just making the game

drazac :so is the new game a city builder, or is it a strategy with city building elements
Crank9000 :Has there been any info what genre the new game is? There was talk about some kind of RTS around year ago or so
Medierra :its a town-builder with an optional combat element

genericvillain :Is it confirmed that their new project has anything to do with grim dawn?
Medierra :new project is not related to Grim Dawn

CepheidSauron :Any new projects you guys are working this year, except for the expansion?
Medierra :“new” project, which is about 2 years old now, is a town-builder done in Unity though… then we’ll be starting something else soon"

I am so happy for Crate and medierra. Now dont please dont rest on your laurel. Release a free to play weekend on Steam right now so everyone will get to try Grim Dawn and will eventually buy.

And also please have it in your plans to release Grim Dawn Immortal Throne DLC where we fight a dark fallen knight paladin in a snowy area to constrast the deserts of FG:cool:

Hmm… that is interesting.

“then we’ll be starting something else soon”

If I had to guess “soon” means once they wrap up FG and the Xbone port. So, two new projects in the pipeline, the town-builder obviously, and something else.

Well, pretty obvious I’d say. They want to keep the team busy and not just sit on their yachts drinking tri-beers all the time. Well, okay maybe they do.

Medierra has said they’ve got ideas for other games, some GD related.

Sounds like it’s all working as intended. :slight_smile:

Actually, not that obvious. For the most part we have zero knowledge of the town-builder except one screenie and some words that it is a town-builder. We have no idea how big a project it is or anything. If it wasn’t for that above quote I would have just assumed everyone working on FG and not the town-builder would have simply switched over to the town-builder once FG and any post-release patches were taken care of.

Very interesting that they are going to now tackle two simultaneous games with a team of 14 (tho I kinda suppose that’s what they’ve been doing for a little bit now).

Originally Posted by medierra
You’ll also be hearing about at least one totally new project in the next year though.

That little bit right there flew under everyone’s radar then at the time he wrote that, assuming he meant the town-builder and not “something else”.

The funny thing about today is PR can be had in so many ways.

Mr Bruno, behind three beers at a bar, claiming to be getting ready to play GD on mobile. Then add a great twist, something better than just loading twitch on the phone for example and hope it goes viral on yt/reddit/etc. Free PR from the expensive fuckup of an AAA-PR team.

Maybe too late for this wave, as the public has an attention span of about 3 days max, but might be something to have on hand for next time, as we all know there WILL BE a next time.

MODERATION NOTE: I assumed this morning this thread was in a private forum section, but I see now this is public. Some previous posters should go back and edit some content that violates forum guidelines, I do not want the RED vs BLUE idiocy to invade this forum, especially not on a positive, developer initiated thread. Rip on Blizzard all you want, but lets not bring US politics into this thread.

Zzz fine… don’t have to be a jerk about it jiaco. Wasn’t even slanted one way or the other.

Good idea actually. Might even go viral. Get him in an ugly xmas sweater and a santie claus hat, slam the beers, burp, whip out phone to play some mobile GD. But oh, wait, that’s not GD. It’s TQ! Phew. Bullet dodged. <–Note: will pay Blizzcon prices to see this skit made real

Haha, no… well… I mean, yeah, we thought about it but quickly decided to keep it classy and not be jerks by capitalizing on another dev’s bad week. :wink:

I had a feeling, but I appreciate the response!
The trouble maker in me is disappointed, but the empathetic adult in me knows you made the right decision. At least I can have morally irresponsible developers in my imaginaaaation. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, it might have flown under your radar. :wink: Yes, he was referring to the town builder. Medierra’s just a bit out in his dates. :smiley:

Wow, nice reviews there. I’m happy about it.

As for the D disaster. Idk if most people cover up their sadness with cynicism and detached attitude but it;s really sad to see this childhood game turned into something that looks like it’s taken from a bubblegum sticker

Yeah I was surprised when I first noticed a couple and then I realized there was a whole bunch more and I was just like hmm… that’s interesting.

And it is sad. I’ve been sad about it since 2012. I’m not expecting 4 to change it really. If anything it’ll just double down on the direction they’ve begun. The mobile game tho I dont really care about and it doesn’t bother me… hell, if Crate really did make GD mobile and they somehow made it enjoyable to play I wouldn’t even bat an eye and I might even give it a whirl from time to time. Just don’t announce it at Cratecon when you know what everyone really wants to hear about is GD2 I guess :slight_smile:

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For whatever reason D2 producer’s tweats made me feel better and understand why D2 was good

It’s cause they were all hardcore gamers, and held themselves to a very high standard. Not some suit with a chart in front of him.

Anyway. Back on topic. I hope the trend lasts as long as possible. It’s the perfect storm leading up to FG release!

Oh haha he’s really taking some hard pokes at 'em with those tweets. Nice. I do agree very much that they should have known that it wasn’t going to go good. I mean they knew but they obviously thought it wasn’t going to be quite so bad as it got. Which is slightly delusional.

I bet if they would have even brought out at least a decent presentation of what they did have going on for D4 they could have smoothed out the worst of it just by doing that alone.

Absolutely. It’s good that people that hadn’t bought and played GD did as a direct result of this. Hopefully the ones who end up liking it alot tell others and so on. The timing of all this could totally be in their favor at FG release and maybe we’ll get those killer numbers they need for expac number 3 to be a thing :smiley:

Sounds pretty much as Crate is now.:slight_smile:

Ya know, I wish Crate success… they’ve worked hard for it but honestly I kinda hope they always keep themselves purposefully “small-ish”. Their foots in the door and they are basically established now. Resist the temptation to sell out and grow yourselves into some bloated corporation. 1 yachts enough Zantai.

That and better because there is communication with the players which is necessary nowadays cause games are more complex

I have also thought about this. All the $ to them but keep the ship tight. I was thinking that if they ever went too big, communication would not be as good with the player base.

Yeah, I was including the D2 producer’s comment about being in communication with the fan base. I for one hope Crate will continue this with their other games. We haven’t heard much about the new town builder and I can understand the team wanting to concentrate on that and not be issuing updates all the time, but I would love it if for another project Crate would consider letting us in on the early development as we’ve had with GD. For me, following the game as it’s been developed has been as much fun as playing the game itself.