Mythical Adversary Grenado/Can Soldier

So User-Name’s Mythical Adversary complaint thread got me thinking about this item as I’m procrastinating some work. Note that this is theory-crafting as it’s not really my style of play nor am I that fond of soldier.

The interesting aspect of the weapon is the high % wpn to skill (45%/100%), which should help leech and proc Viper at a fairly high percent.

I came up with 2 potential devotion paths with maxed Grenado skill and middle Canister skill. Cadence is to proc Momentum for more %wpn damage.

  1. Including Time Dilation and Fissure: Grimtools version 1
  2. Including Flame Torrent, Fissure, Meteor Shower but less DA and a green for resistance shortcomings: Grimtools version 2

(In theory the extended burn of canister dot should proc Flame Torrent through the cd, but I’ve actually not tested if this is practical.)

Possibly the Cinderplate belt + Ignaffar gloves + Empowered Warmaster Pride ammy + different helm would have also worked for 75% pierce-> fire convert, but I got lazy with the resist juggling and defaulted to the Conduit.

I’m thinking with Crate tweak of a little higher % conversion (physical-> fire) to the skills from the item, this might be a fairly potent combo.


16 energy regen and 10% energy absorb. I think you should start there :smiley:

Ahh, I just threw it together. In practice it might need energy components or Bard’s Harp.