Mythical Arcanor Confusion

Is this sword working correctly? When the Mythical Conduit is equipped, Forcewave’s tooltip displays ~2000 physical damage. When I equip the Handguards of Justice with the Conduit, the damage displayed on Forcewave’s tooltip is ~6500 fire damage. When I equip Mythical Arcanor without the Handguards of Justice the damage displayed is only ~1200 elemental damage. If I equip Arcanor, and the Handguards of Justice, the damage displayed is ~2300 physical.

Versus a target dummy, Arcanor, with the Handguards of Justice equipped, barely outdamages the Mythical Conduit, despite the additional 4 points in Forcewave and adding 2350 points of elemental damage to Forcewave. Without the gloves, Arcanor hits a target dummy for around 25000 points, while Conduit hits for around 20000.

My elemental modifiers are sitting at around +2000%. Physical is at ~400%.

It doesn’t seem to be working correctly. I can’t figure this out.

Don’t use mythical handguards. It interferes with elemental conversion and messes everything up in favor of fire dmg.

It’s why i didn’t use them here

Thanks for responding! I actually mimicked your devotions for this build.

Even without the Mythical Handguards of Justice on though, the elemental damage on the Forcewave tooltip is listed as a measly ~1000 elemental damage (with +2000% elemental). While the Handguards’ conversion without Arcanor is listed as ~6000 fire damage.

And yeah, that’s too bad; I really wanted the fire blitz.

If you think it fist the build you can just try rolling Warring whispers with elemental blitz mod

My recommendation for things like this is to not use skill tooltips and either compare damage breakdowns/sheet DPS instead or kill times on proper Bosses. I don’t think the tooltip updates for certain kinds of skill modifiers.

Unfortunately, even with 1500 hours played, I’ve never seen a Conduit blueprint.

Good idea, thanks.

Sheet DPS of Forcewave with no gloves on:

Conduit: 31975
Arcanor: 35791

It seems like the difference should be greater than that.

Sheet DPS of Forcewave with the Mythical Handguards of Justice on:

Conduit: 43051
Arcanor: 40489

I don’t know what to think now.

The Mythical Handguards of Justice do, indeed override the conversion of Arcanor. But, my fire damage modifier is no higher than cold or lightning. Why do the equipped gloves provide such a significant damage increase to Forcewave with Arcanor if Arcanor is working correctly? The damage of Forcewave with Arcanor should be similar with or without the gloves on (the gloves add about 1400 fire damage to forcewave), only the damage would be evenly divided between the three elements no?

This isn’t precisely what Fluff meant. The total conversion with both the Handguards and Arcanor equipped equalizes out to 50% Physical->Fire and 50% Physical to Elemental on Forcewave so Fire becomes the dominant scaler in comparison to Cold and Lightning.

I’m not certain whether you’re taking the additional Fire damage to Forcewave on the Handguards of Justice into account either when you equip those.

How much flat fire damage you have compared to cold and lightning?

Forcewave has a huge %WD, so flat damage bonuses amount to huge gains there.

Are you comparing mythical handguards of justice to non-mythical handguards of justice?

The +2 forcewave is kinda important.

Are you sure your Arcanor is mythical? You mentioned having physical damage on the tooltip of forcewave which shouldn’t be possible with a myth Arcanor equiped.

Yeah also wondered about this

I don’t have the non-mythical Arcanor. The damage listed on the tooltip for forcewave is physical only when both Mythical Arcanor, and Mythical Handguards are equipped.

I guess my main problem is the damage that Forcewave does with the Mythical Arcanor and the Mythical Handguards of Justice vs Mythical Conduit with the Mythical Handguards of Justice.

Conduit’s max damage is ~9% higher than Arcanor, and Forcewave’s sheet DPS is ~9% higher with Conduit, but Arcanor adds ~2500 elemental damage and +4 to Forcewave.

And more RR. There is no way conduit would do more dmg than arcanor. It is however a decent replacement until you get it.

Also conduit has no cast speed

Yeah, I’m only looking at the sheet DPS of the two with the Mythical Handguards of Justice equipped. The sheet DPS of Conduit is higher, despite the elemental damage bonus and +4 to forcewave (19 with Conduit, and 23 with Arcanor). I can’t figure it out.

Here’s a breakdown of Forcewave’s sheet DPS:

Mythical Arcanor with Mythical Handguards of Justice:

Total: 41235
Cold: 10586
Fire: 19900
Lightning: 10586

Mythical Arcanor with non-mythical Handguards of Justice:

Total: 38904
Cold: 12334
Fire: 14073
Lightning: 12334

Mythical Conduit with Mythical Handguards of Justice:

Total: 43051
Cold: 9912
Fire: 23066
Lightning: 9912

Mythical Conduit with non-mythical Handguards of Justice:

Total: 33918
Physical: 2566
Cold: 9912
Fire: 11367
Lightning: 9912

Also, thanks for your time! I’m just a campaign farming scrub.

It might be the way my flat fire damage is interacting with the funky double damage conversion. I don’t know. It seems off if you look at the numbers though. I feel too stupid today to try to figure it out.