Mythical Fiendish Greaves or well rolled Stoneplate Greaves

Hi All

What do you guys think? What would be better for a pet build:
Mythical Fiendish Greaves or well rolled Stoneplate Greaves?
For example: Dominators of Caged Souls or of Kings.


Of kings gives you the damage and the rest of the bonuses with good prefix makes things much easier

Thanks Fluff! As alwasy I can count on you :wink:

Another question: if I got boots and a pants with of kings suffix would it double dip? I mean, can I benefit from two procs or it does not work like that?


You can only have one of the same effect active at a time. (And I think, but I’m not certain about this, that it won’t affect the cooldown, either, i.e. with each having a separate cooldown.)

While I’ve never done it with the of kings suffix i know it works fine stacking 2x glyph of kelphazot (or however it’s spelled, the lightning pet ring) and that is 2 buffs stacking from identical items.