mythical questions

Had some questions on mythical items I was hoping I could get some answers, they’re pretty basic:

  1. are all mythicals lvl 85+ or did they add them to the lower game levels?
  2. what are the stat demands like?
  3. are they rolled with affixes like rares or are they pretty static on abilities like legendaries?
  4. do they drop in the crucible?

thanks in advance guys. I’m buying the expansion regardless, but was wondering

  1. Mythical items have level requirement 82+
  2. See
  3. They do not have affixes
  4. Pretty sure they drop in the Crucible
  1. I think the lowest level some are available at is 82…maybe 84 actually? (these tend to be legendaries that required level 50 I believe)

  2. They are higher, but usually not unreasonable. Warborn Chestguard for instance requires 829 physique but the Mythical version requires 1035.

  3. They are considered legendary items and only very specific ones have variable affixes…actually now that I looked it up the Mythical Pestilence of Dreeg might be the only ‘Mythical’ item with unique affixes.

  4. Yes

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Mythical is just a name they give when it’s an upgrade from a previous legendary or empowered item of lower level. It’s not really special in any way, other than they only exist in high level form, as there had to have been a lower level version of the item for it to have the name Mythical. There are plenty of items that are just as good without the name mythical, because it only exists in 1 form.

There are quite a lot of epic mythicals, as well as legendary. They really appear to be more about giving it a new name of a lower level version of the same item that may have been empowered or legendary.

thanks guys. are there mythical versions of the armor sets?

Some. You can browse the item database here.

I believe most empowered epic sets have a mythical version and most of the original game legendary sets have mythical versions.