Mythical / Set - Confusing Name System

hi guys

since Ashes of Malmouth there are mythical items / set items in the game. what i dont like is that all the new items / sets have their normal name and all the older ones have a second version with the mythical indicator in its name.

i would wish to have all the items in a clearer name system comparing to all items. i heared from other players too that this would be nice.

with clearer name system i mean:
add for the new sets another set part comparing to the older ones at level 75 with lower stats etc. with its normal name and rename the actual new high level sets by adding the mythical indicator. for example: Uroboruuk’s Guise - should be named into Mythical Uroboruuk’s Guise and add another Uroboruuk’s Guise set for lvl 75 like the older ones.

this would be a great deal to make the names for lvls and its rarity clearer and make more unity. at this moment you see finding Uroboruuk’s Guise set item part and its to obviously that this is one of the new items cause missing mythical.
on the one hand it dont feels powerful finding Uroboruuk’s Guise and the next boss dropps any mythical item. at the mythical indicator you feel better and knows yes it is a well one thats great and provides more happiness.
on the other hand by renaming the new high level items by adding mythical - and adding the same set for lvl 75 there would be some possibilitys - the lower set parts should have other skill modificator stats than ther high lvl items - the same like what happend with the older one before AoM items.
maybe there could be new option. there are some items i like the older ones caus of there stats more than ther higher counterpart with skill modificator.

all in all in conclusion : renaming the new high items to mythical like the before AoM items and maybe adding an lower counterpart would be very nice deal. comparing the older and the newer items at this moment it feels like that they are not treated equally.

You literally only need to see their level requirement.

Mythicals were added to make the old legendaries relevant at endgame. Also, adding regular versions of legendary sets that were added in the expansion (i.e Uroboruuk Guise, Octavius, etc) is pointless and just dilutes the loot pool even more.

Well, you’ve :confused: me. What exactly are you suggesting? An Uroboruuk’s Guise that is L75 that has a bit more in the way of stats than the current one, but not as much as the Mythical version? That would probably require yet another prefix to the name to differentiate them.

@medea fleecestealer

lol dont understand what you want :slight_smile:


i am with you - adding lvl 75 part of it was only a fast blizzard idea … it didnt make sense and no one needs it :slight_smile:

than renaming all new items by adding mythical :slight_smile:
or deleting the older ones and rename the older mythicals by removing mythical name ^^^^

the thing is it would be nice if there would be another possibility to make the items equally in the naming … why not renaming the older items by adding “dusty” indicator and the new variants have normal name like the new ones …
i dont know other ARPGs handeling new sets by axpansions by unequally uncomparing the sets itself with the olders :slight_smile:

if with announced 2nd expac maybe we got more lvls and new sets - what happend than … the older items got a second name “heroic” indicator for example - the actual new sets get mythical indicator and the new once have normal name :slight_smile: than we will have 3 variants of the older ones 2 variants of the actuals and 1 variant of the upcoming new ones …
at this point i want to say its clear this is only an example … nothing announced about more lvls for players …

but thats the point adding new higher items - the older ones are usless - it would be better in my and other gamers opinion to rename the oldy rusty no one need items with an indicator like “dusty” in that way that all items at the same lvl are equally threated in one unity … same names at same levels :slight_smile:

Zantai’s already said that the new level is closely related to the current level.

I don’t see why Crate needs to change something that only wastes like 2s of your time when you’re new and does literally no harm when you’re more experienced.


so what a missunderstanding … … .

iam very experienced and the looking at 2sec for seeing what lvl you said - i dont need to look at i know all sets in brain …
but thats absolutly not tha fact what talking about ^^

its all about an aesthetics … thats all at the really core point … i like the unity and same displayed way for the items :slight_smile:

As Norzan said, the mythical name is only to distinguish it from a lower level item of the same name, the same as empowered is used. It is the level of the item that matters.

I believe the confusing thing about this whole suggestion is how players, at least when the expansion was new, kept referring to “Mythical” as the new legendary. That was a player base mistake. Mythical is not better than legendary. Mythical just refers to a high level item (level 82 and higher I believe) that has a low level version of the same name. They are sometimes legendary, and sometimes they are epic.