Mythical Shroud of Illusion

When creating builds I often want to take Mythical Shroud of Illusion but one thing always changes it to Fateweaver’s Raiment instead of it and that is the lack of physical resistance. Adding 4 % physical resistance to this armor would make it competitive. It would not be OP but competitive because Fateweaver’s Raiment has such a massive bonus to resistances that it is hard to compete with it in this slot. I don’t see Mythical Shroud of Illusion used in builds of others as well.

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Considering it is meant for elemental Cadence. It could get that bonus physical resistance. I chose SR set in this build mainly because of lack of phys res. It would help Battlemage without SR set. Adding it to this chest armor and removing it from Scion of Arcane Force’s bonus to Solael’s Witchfire would not buff Witchblade Cadence, but it would buff Battlemage Cadence. And it needs it if somebody is to build around it without the SR set. Quite frankly Battlemage Cadence without SR set needs even some more love than this change. Resistances are a problem as well. Primarily pierce and chaos. I would add some pierce resist to these boots as well. And let’s not even start about the lack of RR on Battlemage…

after the nerfs to malakor tactician etc. shroud of illusion is pretty useless item now and replaced by bonemonger or other items like fateweaver like you said. It would need a good 4-6% phys res roll to make it even worth using imo like you said.

Arcanist needs like -50% RR, AT LEAST !

Maybe that’s too much :smiley: Arcanist is OK. But just Battlemage should get it somewhere on items.

Problem with battlemage is that there is only one skill that can provide -%RR and that OFF. So, you would need to give an elemental Bottlemage set/item a skill/proc with mechanics that allows for -%RR. Furthermore, for balance, you need to make sure that such item/set is not exploited by any other masterycombo (like I remember when builds that did not even include inquisitor was using Ignaffar combustion relic just for that dope -%rr proc)

Set for elemental Cadance Battlemage is the best way to go.

I could see 50 % reduced target’s elemental resistances as a bonus on the Scion of Arcane Force to IEE. Or even greater number considering this type of RR and that only other RR for Battlemage is that flat RR to Cadence.

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