Mythical Stormheart

I reported on game bugs that the mythical stormheart isn’t spawning for the lokar quest. I was informed that it is not broke so my only other idea is that I must have accidently picked it up and blew it up? If that Is the case is the lokar quest not doable? Is there a blacksmith that can craft it? I thought I remember them fixing the issue if you accidently sold the memento amulet you could get another, is that even true? I still have that so not a biggie. But the ancient urn does not spawn in desolate waste with heart of darkness in inventory. I must have destroyed it and not realized it??

If you completed the quest with another character you can place Mythical Stormheart in your shared stash and give it to them.

Mythical Stormheart does not disappear if you do the quest.

I don’t have one to share as I delete characters when starting a new one. That’s why I’m thinking I must have accidentally blown it up. It’s not just this quest not working the break crates quest doesn’t do any thing either. Have all the crates broke, but standing in the green mess in vanguard of the three doesn’t produce chillheart sword either. (I set my phone alarm for 16 seconds and still doesn’t pop out of thin air). I just right clicked my game on steam and validated game files, said nothing was wrong but have yet to try urn or green mess again.

I suspect I’ll point out the obvious, even though I’m not sure whether this will remedy the situation …

Did you try to reinstall the game or, at minimum, verify files on your game installation? Back up and save your character before doing this so you don’t lose that character’s progress.

Playing on Ultimate right?

Yep, verified files, nope just uninstalled will try again. Zantai said it’s not broke but…??? I googled it and apparently I’m not the only one with this issue once having beaten forgotten gods but alas the link to his thread is from the old forums so lost in internet space.