Mythical Tome of Arcane Wastes

Hey everyone,

Just found this item last night and ran down a rabbit hole just making a build that I will never have the time to create, but I wanted to at least post it and talk about it. The item grants you a elemental version of the aether ray ability and my build is based around that ability (and high crit damage). Obviously there is tons of room for flexibility and I would obviously like more health and some attack damage to health to prevent dying while channeling.

This grimtools is a rough collage of what I was thinking, obviously a bit on the offensive, granted it could definitely use more OA since its got a 160% (plus 25% from the ability) to crit damage.

I spend so much time just crafting random builds on grimtools which I will never play, it is somewhat sad. Now it takes even longer to flesh out an end game build… be playing this game till I die.

Maybe someone with the time can flesh this out more and possibly put it to practice. I figure the damage on this Elemental ray would have to be off the charts with the end game build (+devotions etc…)

What do you guys think? Obviously i think the ideal build would be working with some tanky greens to beef it up a bit but this is more of a rough draft.

I tried it with an elemental inquisitor build a few days ago actually, its damage is considerably less than what AAR can do, so keep that in mind. My idea was to use it as filler between casting Kalastor and Hagarrad runes. It was ok, but definitely not a primary damage skill for a build.

Yea I’m not that familiar with how that skill works, this or the aether beam. The idea of standing and channeling a spell seems like a nightmare in grim dawn.

the inquisitor version, Ingnafaar’s (sp?) has both a high burn component for hit and run and weapon damage % so it can give some damage converted to health and be pretty facetanky. Although I got to midlevel and was like…this kind of defeats the purpose of both the DoT damage and being ranged. Why am I not just hitting them?

Damage too low to be useful, tbh.

I don’t even care about the granted skill. I use this for my Quick Jacks Elementalist for its great stats and +1 to all skills.