Necro Raise Skeletons/Undead Legion Bug?

I tried searching for this and haven’t seen any other posts on it. The issue is, I have the Undead Legion skill maxed out, yet when I hit Raise Skeletons, it only summons 3. I wait for the cooldown, hit it again and then I get 7. I wait for the cooldown again and finally after a third time, I get my 8 skeletons.

Is this intended or a bug? I’d think that if it was a bug, more people would have noticed and posted something, but I can’t see how having to hit a skill button 3 times just to get the max amount of skeletons owed would be intended. I could certainly be wrong though!

That’s odd. You should certainly get either 3 or 4 summons per cast (or whatever it’s supposed to be for you). Not one or the other. I’ll keep an eye on mine while I run leveling build.

Would be too powerful if one cast would bring back all skeletons. They’d have to significantly increase the cooldown which would suck in the crucible.

Ahh, ok. I figured it would have to working as intended or else there would be more people talking about it. :slight_smile: Thanks for the replies!