Necromancer skeletons/skil need a bit adjust.

First of all it would be nice to have a pet bar like the others you can still just make one with the number you have out. Its just easyer to look when pets are together at one spot on screen.

The skeletons are a bit weak and die alot compared to hellhound wich was the weakest one before expansion in class pets.
I can live with them being weak but plz make the skill so we summon all availible skeletons instead of 3 at a time.
Or make a second skill to the skill, like one summon all, another summon 3 or something, when they die the cooldown are long to get them all up again. This can be an issue it concentrated big fights.

What does the wraith pet thing at 50 mastery points do? i can read the text but when using it I dont see anything happening. Is it supposed to tame another mob for a bit of time? then it dosnt.

And occultist need to be second class since the necro pet heal dosnt actual heal at all wich make it even harder to keep them alive, Blood of dreeg should heal alot less but it heals alot compared to nothing:)


The Wraith is summoned from the mob you select (which iirc deals damage} and then the Wraith is a combat pet same as your other pets, just on a timer. As you put more points into the skill you will get a 2nd Wraith summoned at the same time.

Also you don’t NEED a 2nd class for the entire Veteran playthrough, and it doesn’t Have to be Occulist if you don’t want it to be. and if you don’t attack for a bit and watch the Fiends health bar you will see that it does recover health on its own.

The skellys get stronger as you put more points into them and they aren’t designed to be eternal lasting tanks…they are cannon fodder at the end of the day. :wink:

Hope this helps