Necromaner Pet/Caster build? Few questions


I have 41lvl Necromancer, this is Necro/Ocultist - Cabalist.
This is right now focused on pet builds but deal a bit of vitality dmg himself also with Bone Harvest.
I wonder is this possible with conversions etc. to stack pet build and resonable nuke dmg.
I mean with %dmg to aether, vitality or poisons?

The conventional wisdom answer is no. I’ve tried to make a hybrid before and never had any luck. Pets require pet bonuses while doing your own damage requires player bonuses and you’ve only got so many slots for gear and so many skill points to spend. If you make a hybrid, you’ll likely gimp both aspects by not maxing out their potential. That said, there are some crazy good build crafters on here who might be able to defy conventional wisdom better than I can.