Need a friendly nudge for alt build.

With the change to Explosive Strike, I thought a dual-wield, melee build would be fun to tool around with…but I can seem to determine what mastery to pair with demo. Please correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t Nightblade a must in order to dual-wield unless you have one of a handful of items that grants the ability?

I like Nightblade, but it’s elements simply do not line up. What am I missing?


Here you go:-

Lightning Dual-Wield Melee(Demolitionist + Nightblade)

Aether Dual-Wield Melee (Demolitionist + Arcanist)

Thanks, Chthon. Quick question…Blade Barrier works as your “oh Shite” button, correct. It roots you in place, though, so what’s a good example of a situation where it allows you to cheat death?

Hmm. The only instance my Maelstrom used it was against Shar’Zul. The rest (Ben, Moose, Fabius can’t trigger it).

Basically when your multiple PB HP restores isn’t helping and your blast shield is on CD and your Mark of Divinity (if you have it) has proc’d. Then use BB. I can’t speak for the Aether Build. When i get back after Christmas i will update him with his performance in Valbury.