Need a little help on DW Fire Strike Purifier build

So I have a new Fire Strike Purifier using Dagallon’s Destroyers. He’s level 95 and I just put together the best set of gear I could come up with, and threw together a devotion plan as well. I am fairly unsure on my devotion setup. I was looking for good -RR, but the only thing I found that would also stack with BWC was Eldritch Fire and Viper, which doesn’t really stack in the way other -RR does. I also picked up Ulziun’s Torch, and some +energy regen/OA/DA/Fire/ADTCH as I could.

On the skill tree side of things. I’m having a hard time finding enough points to pick up Inquisitor Seal. I’d really like to, but I seem to be stretched too thin.

Anyone have some thoughts?

Couple of thoughts, you could swap out one of your destroyers for an Exterminus for the Darkflame proc, also use Acid Spray from Manticore Devotion tree. It might be acid based, but the tree gives great Offensive ability Poison/acid resist and the skill gives flat RR to all resistances. Also no Thermite mines seems like a missed opportunity, the fire RR on it is one of the best. Also worth grabbing the final point in Ulzuin’s torch for the +3 Maximum fire resist which will also cap it for you without Blast shield up.
I think there’s a lot of skills that are worth picking up, flashbangs are another good one for this style of build as you want to maximise your crit chance, so the -DA is awesome.

Looking at the gear selected, I can’t see any particular build trend except the pistols. Were you going for a fire or elemental build? Or would you consider doing a Chaos/Fire version and user WoP, Thermite Mines, Darkblaze set with your current items?

Just some ideas on how it could work. I wasn’t too fond of Inquistor’s Seal as a pistol build as standing still was usually not ideal.

You put 3 points in Searing Might which are wasted with pistols.

I have the Dagallon set but like you I can’t make a satisfying purifier build with it, I run out of skill points way too fast.

Didn’t see that, yeah there’s 3 more points for free! Also looking at it, max Deadly Aim, maybe pull points from base BWC if you’re only using for RR as you’ll be doing more damage with FS unless you’re going for DOT? Since the Dagallon’s pistol goes through enemies you should try and push as much for crits and RR as possible and Darkblaze/Voidheart with WoP final passive would add to crowd control from brimstone, especially with Darkblaze headguard’s 50% conversion on FS. And if a large portion of you damage is pierce then assassin’s mark can never hurt!

Acid Spray doesn’t stack with BWC. They are both RR types, so they won’t work together (I started off doing this until I realized it). See spreadsheet here:

I was not aware of the Thermite Mines dropping fire resists. I see the in game tooltip includes it, but not the grimtools, but now I have to work that into the mix. I’ll see what I can do.

If I had more skillpoints, flashbang might be in the mix too, but keep in mind, I’m already spread thin on skill points, and trying to juggle BWC, Inquisitor Seal, thermite mines and flashbang would be way too much. Something has to give. BWC and Inquisitor Seal (I reworked it in with new skill points) are my defense. I’m going to see if I can work Thermite mines in. I just don’t see how Flashbang can fit too.

As far as gear go. I’m going all fire, and a little chaos. Elemental% is just as good as fire %, so I use that when it’s the best option. On some items, like my boots, medal and belt, the item is there for the OA/DA/resists.

I just checked and the Mythical Exterminus is something I have, though that takes away one of the reasons I built the character to begin with and that is for the 100% piercing through enemies that the Dagallon’s have. I don’t have the other Dagallon version btw, but going pure fire is easier anyway.

Lol, yeah, I was using Will of Fate until just recently. I forget about those 3 points. Score!

I’m playing around with Thermite mine now. I haven’t figured out where all the points will come from, but maybe my next few levels gets me enough. It looks promising so far. This is where I’m at:

See I experimented with a Fire/Lightning variant using Ulzuin set with Dagallon pistols.

No components or augments, but you get the basic idea, dropped chilling rounds though. This is what I would do, maybe pull some point from FS tree to buff seal or WoR but otherwise you benefit more from Deady Aim, pretty essential IMO, especially with the crit proc devotions. Also gives you flashbangs, which even with 1 point in each lowers their DA a decent amount AND their chance to hit so works as an awesome defensive ability but allows you to bind an offensive devotion to it.

Also, I have annihilator if you want it. Can set up a trade sometime.

You know what you lack, Ulzuin’s torment :).

If you are really short on points you can always take Rhowan’s crown instead of agonizing flames. Ele storm is less reliable unless you bind it to main attack, but still works on things like storm spread. OR you can bind it to fire strike, eldritch flame to bwc and meteors to storm spread.

Completely agree with this 100%, Torment is the best Purifier belt (currently using on mine). Doesn’t really have any downsides (unless +2 to grenado was BWC… I guess).

Also is Korvaak’s a better choice for this build than Ignaffar’s Combustion? Gives you more balanced +1 class bonuses and an ability you can use which also has Elemental RR

That’s an idea. Dropping Agonizing flames could be good for points. I may toy with that.

I also wish I had Ulzuin’s Torment, but I do not. I also am missing Ulzuin’s Shoulderguard to get the 4 piece set bonus. And I have absolutely nothing good for rings. After getting to 94, I came to realize that I have terrible gear for this character, outside the Dagallan’s.

Chilling Rounds pretty big on the build. When they fire, they fire 4 shots at once, all of which shoot 5-7 Brimstone shards. I’m seeing 20-28 shards flying off each mob they hit, and with the Dagallan’s 100% piercing enemies, that means I might hit 5 targets and have over 100 brimstone shards flying all at once. It reminds me of the TQ Hunter bow line. When things land right, whole waves die in a single shot.

I don’t have either.

Happy to trade you Torment or Annihilation if you’d like? Also got a stack of Ignaffar based gear (Good fire/Lightning stats) which would probably work for you too which I am saving for my Auramancer but I doubt I’m going to finish that build after they removed the ability to attach devotions to damage auras :frowning:

And I know exactly what you mean about the TQ Hunter similarities. Hunter was the best for the crowd control and was my favorite class (Brigand FTW) and I thought Panetti’s would be like it, which it sort of it, but this is more similar and DW is the most exciting part!

I’m not sure about chilling rounds as I mentioned before, but I do have 3 destroyers, so a trade for an annihilator would be great.

Yeah, I had a Brigand, and later the Hauspaux or what ever that was called with Dream. Those were my favorite characters in TQ. That and an ice shard storm character, which I forget what I paired it with (probably hunter due to the debuff), but I loved seeing shards flying through enemies.

And yeah, a trade would be great.

I’ve PM’d you. Because I was building an Ignaffar’s build I probably have a few items that would work in your case, although I traded my Cindertouch’s which is a pain!

Dropping chilling rounds will drop the DPS of this build by a massive amount. I’ve not got to a point where I can use my double dags but even just leveling the absurd power of brimstone + chilling rounds was huge especially if your build attacks fast enough also chilling rounds are really strong single target damage and the added bonus of freezing. Marry it with any of the range procs off of marauders belt or quickdraw gloves and it just smashes everything. I’d probably suggest the justicar armour set unless the bonuses off the dag set will be useful to you. I’d also suggest that flashbang is almost mandatory with its ability to drop DA allowing you to crit harder and more often.

So have you found this build is working better with Annihilator now?

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