Need a little help with my Blademaster

So this is the build right now

I choose a tanky devotion because I feel like the damage is enough for now, need some little upgrades here and there but the reason why I made this post is because I cant really facetank Alkamos, I mean is it that hard for a Blademaster? I can facetank and kill him but its getting really really close and I dont got that problem on other builds I am running right now. (Witch Hunter & Panettis Mage Hunter). I feel like its maybe the Ring he puts on the Ground? I still got 0 deaths on it and I had not alot of problems at all. So is there anything I could improve, what is needed for Alkamos?


Hi vazzy. Until FG comes and you can get Ulzaad devotion there is not much you can change. You don’t need targo whield wall really. Alkamos does a lot of %dmg to health that is why he is dangerous combined with RR. Don’t stand in his Blue pool of death.

Also invest in War Cry up to 12. You will feel the difference immediately

My budget blademaster eats Alkamos for breakfast :stuck_out_tongue:
and will become even stronger when FG is out :smiley:

Stay tuned for guide :wink:

So what needs to be changed?

  1. War cry 12/12 (as mentioned)

  2. CADANCE for moar dmg (EDIT: sorry I did not catch that you had full Belgo set :open_mouth: )

  3. Do not stand in his blue pool to long.

Didn’t touch your resists, but heres a rough sketch of what I’d do

It has about 25% more flat damage than your version

EDIT: Getting blitz is also definitely worth. 1 mobility skill is good. 2 is amazing.

Yea you are right Targos Shield is not really needed but the HP and stuff you get is pretty good imo, also I needed the 1 devotion Point to unlock Soldier and I think thats a good choice then, but yea the devotion tree is kinda a new thing for a Blademaster I guess, just wanted to try things out and do them on my own. I dont like to copy builds etc.

Thanks for the answers guys, I will get Blitz & War Cry and look how things will go then. But I guess I just have to stay out from the blue circle. What damage does it deal? It looks like Chaos maybe? I really dont know, and yea I really want to facetank him.

According to GrimTools Alkamosdoes only cold damage but he also has a 15% Reduction to Enemy’s Health attack and AFAIK % reduction is untyped and thus can’t be resisted, except for specific resistance to life reduction which you would get from Menhir’s Bulwark for instance.

I just facetanked him with my cold infiltrator that’s badly under-equipped compared to your Blademaster but i have more ADCtH than you and Ghoul. With Ghoul you could probably facetank anything, but you would have to sacrifice some other devotions so it’s a choice.

Like i said abouve, it’s % dmg to health in the circle that kills you

You’re kinda wrong. He can roll any affix in the game on his weapon and therefore even deal fire or chaos damage. Aside of that, he deals physical damage as every other monster in the game. As with every weapon-using enemies, you should at least cap all of your resists and have armor absorption. They don’t only use their skills in an endless rotation, they also use basic attacks and have weapon damage in skills, so all applies.

Small bonus:

Aight guys thanks for the help, I kill him now with ease I dont really know how but its working just fine now. Just skilled War Cry and thats it.

I was also able to do this:

Its probably nothing for the most of you guys BUT it feels soo good :smiley:

glad you made it work :slight_smile:

Ghoul is a very nice “oh shit” devotion. Too bad it require red affinity

concrats, It’s warcry for alkamos:p

For moose, Circel of slaughter and shadow dance made it so that he wasn’t able to touch you in melee at all

Yea he did hit me on first attack and that hurt, but then I tried to use RoS and War Cry a bit more controlled. Already killed him 5 times right now without any problems (Moose), but I think as a Blademaster thats one of the easier ones :smiley:

Yea I would love to use Ghoul aswell, maybe I will change the devotion again and try some things out on grimtools. But imo its a really good tanky devotion with an overall okayish damage, Ghoul would save my ass alot, but atm I dont really need it, the time will come I guess. Still 0 deaths with almost 2 Days playtime thats a FeelsGoodMan. Is there any Amulet you would recommend with maybe flat pierce damage? I saw some on grimtools but I could not pick one really. Also got my Item Assist filled with Legendarys but no Pierce Amulet :frowning:

My blademaster is still using this :rolleyes: but I also use bladetwister ring for ele > pierce conversion

I got both of them, Essence ready to craft and the Ring in my Stash. I feel like my DPS would drop down hard if I would change em because they both got flat pierce damage. (The ones I am using) You use the Essence mostly for the +1 all Skills?

Well, yeah, OK but even if he has 50 chaos damage on his weapon it’s not what was giving troubles to vazzy :undecided:
Thanks for the weapon breakdown thought, never noticed you could see it for the monsters :slight_smile:

Damage reduction skills such as War Cry or Aura of Censure can be a great boost for survival. No way i my infiltrator would survive with only ~10k health without it :eek:

+1 all skills is pretty rare and essence also gives attack and cast speed but i think what really makes it stand out is that you can easily farm the recipe from Benevald making it almost like a guaranteed item, which is important for those creating “budget” builds.
With the rings malawiglenn mentioned part of the elemental damage also becomes pierce damage (but it’s no longer a “budget” build of course).

+1 all skills and attack speed and it is craftable so some armor bonus.

I have not played my blademaster in ages since I am lazy :rolleyes: I just felt I got to a point where I thought “ok this is powerful as a horse, lets do another build now”. Note the blademaster i posted above is a separate toon. My “real” blademaster is another dude and he also uses that amulet.

bladetwister also give a -10% pierce resistance proc

Also it will convert (some of the) the cold damage on Execution to pierce

Btw have you considered in changing your Runebound topazes for Bloodied Crystals now that those also give DA?

Yea thats what I really like about the Bladetwister. But yea I will probably go for a flat pierce damage Amulett, when I ever can get one :rolleyes: Thanks for all your help, again and again :):smiley: