Need advice for a melee class


first off, i tried several builds from the compendium.

i am looking for a melee build that is tanky but still dishes out a moderate amount of dmg. my highest char is based on the retaliation and reflect hetzer but with some bosses it feels like i need decades to kill the boss.

oh, and i am more the lazy type of player… is there a tanking class who does not die that easily, can be played with like 4 active skills for example, and is good vs many mobs but also single bosses?

i highly dislike ranged or caster builds. back in the days of d2 i played paladin and barbarian a lot. and i die several times if going for any 2h type build :S

thank you for helping a beginner :slight_smile:

Turn that retaliation warder into 2h one with just totem, warcry, savagery/cadence/bladearc and blitz or shield with one more skill overguard


make a Witchblade/Commando

Cadence and transmuted Blade Arc for the massive bleeding.

Second on the Witchblade.
He is easy, tanky and does not require much gear to finish Ultimate (is lvl 85 at the Gates of Necropolis and only 1 set item). he has killed Ultimate Valderan with a little kiting, haven’t met any other Nemesis yet. Has bested crucible in aspirant mode around start of Ultimate.

Something like this perhaps:

I mean, that should be plenty of effective. It’s not my kind of thing(at all), but if it suits you, it suits you :wink: .