Need advice on caster Cyclone Elementalist

I’ve read the thread on how this is the weakest combo for cyclone and that archon or vindicator is better. However, I’m not really interested in leveling a new char from scratch right now and I have a vanilla light’s defender stun jacks/totem elementalist that I haven’t touched in AoM and I want to update him to FG with the full Cyclone set.

My only restriction is that Cindertouch has to be the gloves so I can get that sweet 6 cinderwind procs and fire to lightning conversion. Conduit with wind devil prefix and Trozan scepter are ideal but not must-haves if these slots can boost other important skills. This does leave me with very little choice regarding my other dps skills.

Totems are probably a given but what else can I use when totems and WD are at max summon limit? Fire/Lightning BWC using the conduit? Mortar traps? Stun jacks?

Gear and skill advice would be very much welcome especially if it comes with a grimtools link. Gear ideally are not greens unless the affixes are not super important and are only used for the bonus skill points or skill mods. (ie. no Stonehide of Kings to fix the lack of resists in the build pls. I’ve never seen this affix combo even on crafted boots)

EDIT: It doesn’t have to be Cruci 170 or SR65+ viable. I just want to play a wind spam character (5 WD and 6 cinderwinds!!!) and I have other characters for my farming needs. However, being good enough to finish Cruci 150 would be nice but also not necessary.

I’ve tried this spec a few days ago:

Damage and kiting are very good. Master of Flesh, Kra’vall and Lokarr were easy to kill.
It’s very squishy though. And I couldn’t get past shard 45.

This is another take.

Aether Lightning spam or Stormfire spam. + BWC.

You could use Trozan’s scepter but 12s extra time on WD is QoL. skill points can be shuffled a bit.

Grimtools: AL or SF spam + BWC/Mines if needed

Edit: I suspect you could put haunted steel on the weapon and you wouldn’t need to kite as much. (could also move pts from Wendigo to elsewhere and maybe add BWC transmuter.) Aether Lit spam is probably enough. Lots of room for experimentation.

Thanks for the advice! Can’t wait to get to 94 and try all your suggestions.