Need advice on Ultimate with my Battlemage

Hi Guys, I recently got into Ultimate difficulty on my first character using Phys/Bleed/Internal Trauma Battlemage.

I’ve done a little bit of Ultimate so far but patch has really messed with my health and resists and although so far I’ve really enjoyed playing without following a guide, I’m starting to struggle with how to keep my little dude alive and do enough damage.

Grim Calc with Devotions and bonuses : Here

My character sheet: Here

More stat’s: Here

Notable Bits of gear are: Stonefist Rebuke, Makovians Visor and Boneshatter treads. I’m Revered with most of the factions so I bought the level 70 gear that gives Bleed/Internal Trauma/Phys from them where I could to replace old gear. I also have access to most of the Augments and a lot of my gear is already Augmented but not all of it. I have 89% Armour absorption. I still have a couple of bits of level 40 & 50 gear. All of my gear has components in it, just the ones I thought were best suited to my needs.

My main concern is my low resists but I have no idea how my armour values/Health Regen etc match up to an Ultimate viable build.

Another main concern I have is that I don’t have much -resist and no clue how I obtain this.

If you have any tips/advice or criticism bad or good please share as I’m still new to this game and would love to learn more about it.

Your resists are way too low.
On skills, I will max warcry and terrify.

Yes I did say that was the major concern I have, I’m asking advice on how to improve this :slight_smile:

Really terrify? As a Blade Arc build I really want all my enemies right in front of me, sending them running away doesn’t really help me but I’m open as to why it would be good.

I’m going to give this a little bump if that’s ok. I got some good feedback on reddit about this but really hoping someone on here can have a detailed look as I would love to make this build work.

I’m thinking I need another piece of the Markovians set to help resistances and possible go into Ulo the Keeper or Light of Empyrion to get better resists via devotions. Also might look into getting better OA via devotions also as I’ve been told my OA is too low.