Need advise to get the last achievements

Posted on Reddit, but figured I should probably try here too.

My achievements list:

So I have not played the game recently due to a hell of a lot of other things going on. I now have some time and as I really love the game (currently at 902 hours in since early access) I would like to try and 100% it. Unfortunately I didn’t have cloud saving enabled (had it disabled since EA cos it didn’t work or something. Never turned it on) so I lost all my old characters and items. That is ok though! I’ve got cloud saving turned on and I’m ready for a fresh adventure!

My aim this time to get the last remaining achievements so I was wondering if anyone had any advice given which ones I have left of which build would be best for some of them. Or if there’s anything I should know. Despite my many hours there’s still a lot of stuff I have missed. I know a lot of content has been added in free updates I haven’t seen. Secrets I don’t know about etc. I’ve mostly just done the campaign of the base game and expansions and then rerolled.

Also wondering if there’s like a checklist of sorts that also includes all the secret stuff so I can experience everything without missing it. Thanks!

How did you lose your characters? Didn’t you back them up? Unless you deliberately deleted the Save folder in My Documents\My Games\Grim Dawn they should still be on your PC unless you reformatted it.

Old hard drive died :smiley:

It was awhile ago now. I don’t mind, just gives me a reason to play more.

Well as far as I can see you can do most of it with a good Pet build. Then after you get used to the game, you can create a hardcore warlord or something character and do the hardcore achievements with it. A few achievements requires you to choose side with Cult of Solael in FG and Kymon’s Choosen in MC.

Ah, that’s a shame. Back them up on an external drive of some kind like a USB key. That’s the safest way. And I’d stick with local saves over cloud; cloud can still screw up at times.