Need Build for 2h Fire Demolitionist!

so, i want to use 2h rifles and specialize in fire damage, what are some good gear pieces to get, and also what is a good 2nd class to help back this up? i’m lvl 50 at the moment and only have the base game so please do keep that in mind, ill be getting the DLC at some point though.

also feel free to tell me if i should go dual pistol route instead or something, whichever will let me accomplish higher dps with firestrike and Fire damage in general.

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Oathkeeper or inquisitor. They still do better than taking occultist or arcanist as a secondary, in the past year and a half.

what do oathkeeper and inquisitor do? any of them help boost boost fire damage or anything like that? i’m kinda aiming for a sort of glass cannon type of build, so am i better going 2h or dual pistol? tho i really do like the rifles.

dont recommend single class demo. Make it a purifier by using inquisitor as a second class. You can use ulzuins set with the 2h flamespreader and do great damage with the demo toolkit. There are a bunch of different ways to build it. You can use Hellbourne if you want and mix and match gear pieces like Gaze of Empyrion. Also stack as much -RR as possible. You need Eldritch fire, maxed out thermite mines, aura of censure softcapped, elemental storm, 4 points in viper and combustion band AND ignaffars combustion relic. Alot of bosses in crucible shattered realm, even in campaign are highly fire resistant so you need to stack as much fire RR as possible.

sorry, im a bit new to this game and i don’t know all the abbreviations for things, whats rr? and why thermite mines? i was playing with em and it seems hard to get any damage cuz enemies just walk right thru and don’t really stay put, as i’ve been going right now i’ve been using mortar and molotov, but are you sure? what otther demo skills should i use if im going 2h?

also, as for stat points, shouldi just focus on cunning and forget about physique or spirit? not quite sure what to do here.

You want ranged or melee?

Melee FS 2h is Barthollem MI and you need a good one. When you have a good one the build feels great, be it Shieldbreaker or Purifier

2h ranged, not melee, and a focus on fire damage, so pretty much fire strike and another skill that does good fire dps. i don’t really like thermite tho, i’ve been using mortar and molotov, is there a better combination?

2h ranged, not melee, and a focus on fire damage, so pretty much fire strike and another skill that does good fire dps. i don’t really like thermite tho, i’ve been using mortar and molotov, is there a better combination?

you could go ulzuins set with support canister bombs. Really packs a punch.

where does that drop from? im lvl 51 right now, and remember, base game atm, no dlc.

and which stats should i focus on?

oh right base game then I dont know tbh. Focus on good greens.

Click on the link if you haven’t :). And use thermites. You need the RR starting Elite and especially later on

There aren’t any places to farm most sets. There are only a few specific monsters that drop legendaries unique to them. You’ll just have to get lucky.

Forgotten Gods DLC gives the ability to transmute pieces of one set to other pieces in the same set, and most sets iirc have a blueprint for their headpiece.

You may have seen this other thread already?
My fire-based 2h ranged glass cannon, possible with just the base game and found gear …

Thermite mine and curse of frailty help reduce mob fire-resistances, increasing your damage dealt.
Use flashbang and curse of frailty to also slow them down so they stay in the mine effect longer.
Most stat points still go into physique.

so, i know what im going for now, a 2h Flame Purifier, and i kinda found a build that works, and RR seems to be the name of the game with both devotion and skills right? thats why the reccommendation for thermite mine?

i have all the dlc now i just need the gear, gotta wait till lvl 94 to get the Desolator and the justicar set! if any one can help with items like Lights Oath Rings or Ignaffars Relic that’d be really helpful :slight_smile:

2H Purifier (Inq+Demo) or Shieldbreaker (OK+Demo) are a really good choice.

i AM a 2h purifier, now i just need a bit of help with some gear, a few relics and stuff. Plus i have all the DLC now so whatever the most up to date options are i’m all ears :slight_smile:

What do u mean when u say “options”?)

good rings to use, amulets, belts, etc, aug’s and enhancements.

Rings - myth.sapphire/ruby of elemental balance (although they got significantly nerfed), band of eternal pyre, light’s oath, combustion band.
Belts - myth. Ulzuin’s torment
Amulets - myth. Essence of Beronath/Shard of Eternal Flame
Components - Seal of Destruction
Aug - Ravager’s Rage

Best choice with base game is pyromancer (demolitionist + occultist). Occultist gives you a healing skill (blood of dreeg) which provides also OA and physical resist with the modifier for 20 seconds. Also Soleal’s witchfire gives chaos damage and attack speed. Curse of fraility will give a movement speed debuff and minus fire resistances with the modifier.
This my pyromancer (I play base game also). I focused more on chaos so your gear would be different and you’d also want to take curse of fraility because it reduce fire resistances but not chaos which is why I didn’t take it. You would also probably drop the points in BWC and pick up elemental storm devotion because they don’t stack elemental storm doesn’t do chaos but does fire.
For fire I’d do your points like this
I also did a fire strike elementalist (demo + shaman) but eventually respecced that into a lightning character. With that combination, you get a resistance reduction from the wind devils, and wendigo totems for healing but totems are harder to use for healing.