Need build For Cold Infiltrator!

so what was that one build i saw that uses greens + SR set? is that one of the better versions of the build? Pls link it to me or show me a better one if you know!!

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You mean this build? [] Deadly combo-SR set+Chillstrifes DW Infiltrator. SR 75/naked Crucible viable

Guide mentioned above by Nery or this one:

Played this defensive a lot without godly rares (just one kinda good chillstrife + chillheart, boots stonehide of haste) and without snapshotting (impossible anymore), results were good (92 shard, ravager facetanked easy) so if you wish to GDStash full rare version for testing - you won’t be disappointed for sure. If you wish to play legit, be ready for farming alkamos rings and possible butthurt like I had :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Very strong for full content, unkillable in 75-76 farming, you can just facetank most boss rooms without agro abuse, kubacabra is hell since you can’t cheese him with glitched spirit blades anymore and facetank more than 2-3 seconds.

For more agressive gameplay Nery’s should be better. Didn’t test it yet but numbers and videos speaks for themselves.

I would suggest you to test both setups anyway to choose your prefered playstyle because concept is very similar and changes are almost cosmetic.

Yes! thats the one, i thought about making a deathmarked build but i was told its not quite as strong as the Green + SR build u just posted.